To brew or not to brew?

by on November 6, 2008 in Personal Experiences

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My husband hates that I like frou-frou (is that the proper spelling?) coffee from the local coffee shop. Namely fat-free, sugar-free, half-caf mocha. Yes, I know. That’s a long name for a simple drink. But I love them. I won’t touch a cup of plain black coffee, even with sweetener and cream in it, but I would guzzle down a good mocha or vanilla latte any day of the week.

But our argument isn’t about me drinking the coffee, or the possible health effects of it. It’s about BUYING coffee rather than making it at home.

See, I would rather pay a couple bucks and hit the local coffee shop (Java Haute) for them to make it for me. He would prefer I buy some kind of espresso machine and brew the coffee and froth the milk myself. We even tried it with a machine we got from Wal-mart, but the machine crapped out about as fast as I got tired of us making them. And they weren’t near as good!

So I don’t know what to do. I would be happy wasting $3.00 a day on a good cup of coffee, but I know that adds up to $15.00 a week and over $50.00 a month if I go every work day.

I just hate the time it takes to make it at home, and the inferior result I get from it. In fact, I dislike the process of making coffee at home so much, I prefer to use International Foods powdered (YES POWDERED) coffee mix and creamer to make a concoction at work instead. It’s nowhere near what I get from Java Haute, but it’s better than what I can make with a crappy machine at home.

I wish he loved fancy coffee like I do. Poo.

[note: this post was originally written on my personal blog, and has been shared here because the content is relevant to the journey I have been on to reshape my attitude toward spending, saving and managing my resources more wisely. It is possible that additional edits may have been made to clarify or expand points.]

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