To shop, or not to shop…

by on December 3, 2008 in Other Ways to Save

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Christmas is coming, which means it is shopping season for the holidays. I know that with the economic recession, many folks are cutting back their holiday shopping, or skipping the gift giving all together – my family included.

Despite knowing that some of our family members are cutting back and not exchanging gifts this year, I think my Hubby and I have decided that we want to be able to give gifts to people even though they might not be able to give gifts to us.

I know some people (Dad!!) will tell me not to buy anything, but the thing is…I want to. I like buying gifts for people and don’t usually spend more than 10 or 15 dollars per person/couple max. God has blessed my Hubby and I with good jobs and decent income, and we really want to be able to share our blessings with people this holiday season.

So I stand by what I have been telling people in phone calls. DO NOT BUY US ANYTHING. But please don’t be upset if we buy something for you. We don’t give gifts to get gifts. We give gifts because we want to, and it makes us happy to do it.

And if any of my family members read this and decide to go out and do/get something for us because you know we plan on giving gifts this year, then here is what we want…your time. That is it. Visit with us when we are in town. Even if it’s just for half an hour. Spend a little time with us, and perhaps a hug.

That’s really, truly all I want this year. Just time to be with my family.

[note: this post was originally written on my personal blog, and has been shared here because the content is relevant to the journey I have been on to reshape my attitude toward spending, saving and managing my resources more wisely. It is possible that additional edits may have been made to clarify or expand points.]

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