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by on December 24, 2009 in Personal Experiences

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Hubby and I had a great time today. We’re home for the holidays, which is something we only get to do once every three years, and it’s been really nice so far. Of course we both miss our families, but being able to rest and relax in your own home is nice once in a while.

We weren’t sure if we were going to put up a tree this year, and for a while we only had our Charlie Brown tree out, but last weekend we finally broke down and went to the tree lot near out church and picked out a winner. Their lot was pretty picked over and all trees were marked down to 20 bucks, so we were pretty pleased when we found our tree. It has a great shape and looks really nice in our front room. Except for the bird house that came along with it, it’s a pretty decent tree!

Today we took it easy, but eventually did brave going to Wal-mart for some last minute items. I cooked a nice dinner, and then we retired to the front room to watch Christmas Vacation and A Charlie Brown Christmas. We also strung cranberries and popcorn into garland. We want to put it outside on the shrubs tomorrow for our neighborhood birds.

Tomorrow we plan to get up at a decent time and I’m cooking fresh sausage and eggs and then we’re going to set up the tri-pod and videotape ourselves opening presents from family members. After that…we’re not sure. But, if I had to guess, I’d say the day will probably involve making and frosting Christmas cookies, talking to family on the phone, watching wonderful Christmas programs and listening to good music, and then we’ll wrap it all up by heading over to some friend’s house to wind down and celebrate together.

It’s doesn’t get any better than that! Here are a few pictures from today. Merry Christmas!

This is our tree! We like a random, chaotic tree with lots of ornaments that have special meaning.

I cooked a special dinner for Christmas Eve, but only the salad made it through the photo shoot! We were too hungry to mess around documenting the rest! Trust us, it looked good and tasted good!

Stringing cranberries and popcorn into garland is fun, but can be messy and tricky. Hubby and I each took a tray of supplies and cranked out seven strands of garland we plan to hang outside tomorrow.

Merry Christmas everyone!

[note: this post was originally written on my personal blog, and has been shared here because the content is relevant to the journey I have been on to reshape my attitude toward spending, saving and managing my resources more wisely. It is possible that additional edits may have been made to clarify or expand points.]

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