Still need a Turkey for Thanksgiving? Butterball has rebates & coupons!

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A couple of years ago I wrote about how I have used the Butterball Open-Pan Roasting Method for my turkeys since I cooked my first turkey in graduate school. That was a big 26 pound-er!

Now I tend to keep my birds in the 12 – 14 pound range. I find it feeds our small family of 3 along with my parents and our neighbor lady just fine with plenty of leftovers for Hubby’s cranberry sandwiches!

Here is some information I shared then and would like to share again!

If you have never cooked a turkey before, I highly recommend you spend some time on the Butterball website.

Start here:

I used the roasting method they advise, not the traditional “low and slow” that many folks I know use. It cooks my bird faster, allowing me to get in and out of the kitchen, and saves energy by running my oven less!

I also start by cooking the bird uncovered, and then tent it with foil when it is browned to my liking (usually 2/3 of the way). I do not baste. I also do not stuff my bird.

In addition to the information above about turkeys, I wanted to share some Butterball coupons for those of you that are waiting until the eleventh hour to run out and get a bird.

If you do go with a Butterball, be sure to save your receipt, because they have a few different rebates available as well as some other promotions.

Here is a summary of what you can still take advantage of:

If you’re doing the $5 rebate on only the turkey, you can buy one between November 14th and December 31, 2010, which means you can get the rebate if you plan to buy Butterball at Christmas, too! It is one rebate per person or household though.

Oh, let’s go back to cranberries for a moment… if you’ve never tried to make your own cranberry jelly, you really must. It’s not nearly as hard as you might think, and so much tastier than anything out of a can!

You can see my recipe for Real Cranberry Jelly here.

And, I could not let this post wrap up without sharing an even older post about using up the last of those turkey leftovers. When I can’t stand coming up with something new, or the old favorite of turkey and cranberry sandwiches has lost its charm, I know I can always throw it in the freezer and try again in a few months!

We’re smoking a turkey on the grill this year. I say “we” like I have anything to do with that. Nope! I stay in the kitchen and putter along with the rest of the meal. I am actually thankful to not have to worry about the bird this year.

I’ll make my pumpkin pie and cranberry jelly ahead of time (tomorrow night!), and then I’m planning to make a Savory Slow Cooker Squash and Apple Dish on Thursday. If I plan to thaw some corn out from the deep freeze and open my secret time saver – a package of split-top potato rolls – I think we’ll have a stress-free day.

Mom can make the stuffing! :)

What’s your plan for Turkey Day? Have you already bought your bird?

I’d love to know how you save time and money on your holiday meal!

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