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When Hubby brought in the mail today, I was pleased to see a mailer from Kroger. Inside were coupons for Enfamil!  These coupons are only good at Kroger.

I don’t buy Enfamil much now, but I used to buy it there quite often. They probably observe my spending habits and are able to target offers and coupons to my needs. I like that! I notice the mailer says, “Best Customer Savings”. I suppose that’s me!

I like store coupons. I have been getting them a lot recently from Kroger. Both in the mail and after I shop there. They also print out with my receipt. In the last 4-5 months, my shopping has dramatically increased there, and their store coupons have helped me save even more.

It wasn’t long ago that I did not like shopping at Kroger, because I felt their prices were too high. Once I learned how to match my coupons (Kroger doubles coupons up to 50 cents!) with their sale ads, Kroger quickly became my first stop of each shopping week. Seriously. I underestimated them that much.

I plan to write a more in-depth article about this, but within the last 2 weeks, I was able to stockpile Campbell’s Cooking Soups for FREE or 19 cents each. (Click here for coupons!) I also stocked up on Evaporated Milk at those prices, too.

Last month I also received a Kroger mailer FULL of coupons. Not only for Similac, but also for several diaper brands, and coupons for their own brand of baby products like formula, diapers and wipes.

The Similac coupon came at a great time. Many stores have had it on sale recently, including Kroger, and there is a hot $3 off one bottle of Similac coupon online right now, too. You can also find another one on their website! I have recently used that at Walmart to get 32 oz. bottles of Ready to Eat Organic Similac for 86 cents each!

Be sure to sign up for a Kroger Plus Card to ensure the best prices on things in their store, and that will also get you started toward becoming a “Best Customer”. Then you can get Kroger exclusive coupons, too!

Having a Kroger Plus Card also lets you rack up fuel points so you can get gas discounts if your Kroger has a gas station.

Sometimes I get store coupons for things I think I might not use, but I hang on to them anyway. Then, I am prepared if a sale rolls around for that item.

Just this week I used a Kroger store coupon for soda, which is something we normally do not purchase for our household. But, we had company, so I sprang for two 12 packs. I had a store coupon that printed after a previous shopping expedition and it came in quite handy!

Tips for using store coupons:

  • Make sure you know your store’s coupon policy. Some stores allow you to stack a Store Coupon with a Manufacturer Coupon, but some do not. Be sure to find out!
  • Sign up for your favorite store’s reward cards/programs and also for newsletters from their websites.
  • Only use the coupon at the store it is intended for. Most store coupons are clearly marked, but if they aren’t, mark them yourself. CVS Exclusive Printable Coupons are marked on the top of the sheet the coupon is printed on, but once you cut the coupon out, it is not clear it is just for CVS. I mark a descrete “CVS” in the corner of the clipped coupon.
  • Keep your store coupons organized in a way that makes it clear those coupons are only good at a particular store. It is easy to lose track if the coupon does not clearly state where it is valid.

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