Get a Coupon Buddy and Save Together! Holiday Savings Tip #3

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12 Days of Christmas Tips to Help You Save!

On the third day of Christmas…

If you missed the first two days of my holiday savings tips, you can find them here (#1) and here (#2). You can also enter my GIVEAWAY for a $10 Starbucks gift card here.

Finding a Coupon Buddy to share your coupon experiences with can help BOTH of you save!

My third holiday tip to help you save money might seem like a no-brainer, but I know a lot of people who are either Closet Coupon Clippers (somehow embarrassed or ashamed to let folks know they use coupons), or they openly clip coupons but just don’t know anyone else who does as well.

Try to find someone that you can talk to about your coupon strategy and how you are trying to save money. Maybe they have ideas that you haven’t tried yet!

Here are things you can do with your Coupon Buddy to help you both save money:

  • Share Unwanted Coupons – I clip a lot of different coupons. For the coupons that I print online, I only print what I need/want, and simply tell any coupon-using friends I have if I see something I think they might want to print. For magazine coupons or newspaper inserts however, consider saving what you don’t cut out and offering it to your friend. Things you might not need or want might be at the top of her list!
  • Look at Sale Ads Together – I choose to shop at three specific stores to maximize my savings and rewards, so I don’t do a lot of sale ad surfing, but Hubby and I do share the Sunday morning paper and coupon sections. For you and your friend, you might meet for coffee someplace, or chat online while you each surf store ads online. Most stores have fliers on the Internet, and there are many coupon deal sites that have subscription services. Another benefit to looking at ads together is that you can remind each other of recent coupons that match well with current sales. It’s easy to forget what you’ve seen online or in print recently.
  • Go Shopping Together – This is the fun part! You could even plan your meals together, build your grocery lists, match up all your coupons and THEN hit the town for shopping. Looking past the pure enjoyment of shopping with a friend, you can see other positives to this situation. Not only do you have an extra person to help if you need to quickly search for a coupon, but if you shop with kids in tow it can be very helpful to have two more eyes, ears and hands!
  • Keep Each Other Motivated – saving money is hard work. Thankfully my Hubby has at least a mild interest in helping me with my coupon addiction, so I have built in support. He also happens to benefit directly from my efforts to save money, so he wants me to do well. Getting organized and staying organized with coupons can be a lot of work, but doing it with a friend might give you the motivation to keep doing it. Plus, maybe you can save enough to have a splurge movie night once a quarter to celebrate making it all work!

If you are just learning how to use coupons, that’s not a problem!

You and your new Coupon Buddy can both learn all you need right here! Here are links to areas of my site that will be helpful:

  1. Print FREE Coupons! This is the first place to stop each week. Come here and print any coupons you want or need. I tend to print coupons for more products than I need because having a large inventory of coupons is necessary for me to be able to save on nearly everything I buy. Remember, you can print TWO of each coupon unless the manufacturer has specified other terms.
  2. Read My Coupon Overview. This is a brief introduction to using coupons. You will learn what they are, where to find them, and how to use them. You will also find helpful links and information as well as links to print coupons online for FREE.
  3. Check Out My Coupon Article Archives. If you want to dig into other articles I’ve written, you can browse the following categories that might be of interest: All Coupon Topics, Coupon Sources.

I really do think that having someone to share your journey with makes a big difference. I have my Hubby, my friend at work that is learning to use coupons, and I also have my readers. That’s a lot of support and motivation for me right there! I hope I can provide motivation for all of you in return. :)

Who’s your support and motivation?

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