Consumer Feedback – How to Ask Companies for Coupons

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Consumer Feedback

Being able to find coupons for your favorite brands, and then keeping them on hand to match with good sales, is essential to saving as much as possible when you shop.

I like to periodically visit the websites of some of my favorite brands and see if they have coupons. Many times I am in luck, but when I can’t seem to find any or they have no current promotions running, I will sometimes take it a step further.

I contact the company and ask for coupons.

Yep. I just ask them! It’s surprising what you can get, just by asking.

When asking a company to send coupons directly to you, you might want to take that opportunity to provide them with some additional feedback. Consider letting them know what it is you like or don’t like about their product. Be specific. They want to know that you really do use their product and that you really do like it. Or if you don’t like it, they want to know that, too.

Once you’ve given them some insight into who you are as a consumer of their product, you can ask for coupons. I have a variety of ways I pitch my request to companies, depending on what the item is. I usually introduce myself, sometimes I mention I am the mother of a young girl, sometimes I tell a short story about how I use their product, and then I make my request, following up with my mailing address.

Most company websites have some sort of contact page with a form you can fill out to email them. Some even have an option on their contact form where you can designate that your communication with them is about coupons. Use these forms, but also consider sending snail mail whenever a company does not have a contact form online.

Here are some tips for contacting companies to request coupons:

  • Use real contact information. Yes, you are providing your information to them, so check out their Privacy Policy and then decide if you want to move forward. I do not hesitate to share my info with brands I trust. If you do not want to give your phone number, try writing “unlisted” on the form.
  • Use specific examples. Say, “I really like your low-fat, almond, non-dairy coffee creamer. I use it every morning in my coffee, and it helps me start my day!” Some companies make a lot of different things, so let them know exactly what item and which type of that item if there are more than one to choose from.
  • Don’t ask too often. Some companies might have a “one request only” policy, but many are willing to send you coupons if you ask once every 6 months or so.
  • Be polite. Some companies do not offer coupons by mail. Some don’t even reply to your feedback. Whatever the outcome is, or whatever your motivation is in the first place, keep it nice. Even if you are sharing a complaint with them, you can still be polite. Also, consider thanking them for taking the time to read your message.
  • Keep track of your feedback. Make a chart, keep a notebook, copy your emails. However you want to do it, keep track of what company you wrote, when you wrote them, and what response you got. This will make it much easier to go back to companies that responded favorably, and ask again after an appropriate amount of time.
  • Keep product info and packaging for complaints. Some companies will want to know the date you bought the item, the store where you bought it, and even the UPC code from the package. If you have a legitimate complaint, keep all this information, especially if seeking a refund.

Want to see Consumer Feedback in action?

I periodically post examples of my emails to and from companies, along with the result of my request. You can see my examples by checking out the Feedback for Companies category for my posts!

Additionally, Couponing to Disney has a section of their site where they have kept track of their communication with companies for over a year now. They chart the company, their action (complaint or compliment), and the response from the company. If you click on the company name in their chart, it will take you to a feedback form so you can leave feedback, too! She also has some good examples of compliment and complaint emails at the bottom of this post.

There are tons of websites, blogs and forums that share contact forms and mailing addresses for companies. Here is one, and you can Google a ton more! Even if you just visit the website of your favorite brands and email one or two a day, that should keep you busy for a while!

Have you successfully asked a company for coupons? If so, please share!

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