Dannon Coupons by Mail!

by on December 21, 2010 in Contacting Companies,Coupon Alerts


Writing to companies to provide feedback about their products and request coupons is a great way to get free coupons for brands you love. Click here for an overview of this process!

Recently I wrote to Dannon, about their Activia yogurt.

I wrote them on November 14, 2010 and got an email back on November 15, 2010. Then on November 17, 2010 they sent me a letter with three coupons inside!

The coupons I got were:

  • Save $.50 off any one Dannon product
  • Save $.50 off any one Dannon product
  • FREE (up to $4.00) any one 4-pack or 6-pack Dannon Cup, Drink or Dual Tubes

I love it when companies send me $.50 coupons, because my Kroger store doubles coupons up to $.50!

Sadly, I forgot to save a copy of my email to them, but here was their email response to me:


Thank you for contacting The Dannon Company. We sincerely appreciate your positive comments about Dannon Activia Strawberry and will share them with others in the company.

Dannon is committed to providing consumers with the highest quality products.  We take great care during product development, production and distribution to make sure that every product meets the highest standards and satisfies valued consumers like you.  Your positive feedback helps us measure our success!

We will send a few coupons to the address you have provided.  We hope you will enjoy them with our thanks!  If you have additional questions or comments, please feel free to email us or call.

Best Regards

The letter they sent was very nice, too. I know all of these are probably canned responses, but I appreciated their time in responding at all, and it seems they appreciated my comments, too.

Here is the Dannon contact form, if interested!

Let me know if you write them, and what their response is!

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