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If you haven’t picked up on the fact that I use Swagbucks and how much I love it, then you’ve apparently missed a few tweets and Facebook ramblings!

This article will help you learn the easiest ways to use Swagbucks.

Here is the deal about Swagbucks…it’s basically a search and win site.

There are many features on the site, but the original function is that you use Swagbucks as your default search engine instead of whatever you usually search with. Periodically you win “swagbucks”, which is their currency.

Fridays are Mega Swagbucks days, where the wins are even bigger. One Friday I won 59 swagbucks in one search!

After you’ve accumulated some swagbucks in your account, you can then redeem those swagbucks for prizes.…everything from vintage baseball cards to Amazon gift cards (my favorite) and electronics. A $5 Amazon giftcard is only 450 swagbucks! You can earn up to 5 a month.

There is a main Swagbucks site, but then also branded sites that have their own prizes unique to that brand like an Indianapolis Colts site or a WWE wrestling site. Swagbucks earned on the main site work only for the main site, and swagbucks earned on a branded site like the Colts site work just for the Colts site and their prizes. I hope that makes sense.

I joined Swagbucks in June of 2009 but didn’t really get into it until last summer, July of 2010. In one month alone I was able to get SIX $5 Amazon cards. Basically for just changing my search engine. Now, don’t get me wrong…I did get swagbucks in other ways, and here are some things you can try, too.

Earning Swagbucks:

1. Search. Seriously, that’s all it takes. I installed their toolbar, but you can also just make swagbucks your default search engine in your Firefox browser if you prefer, or go to the swagbucks site and use their search. I usually win 5-15 swagbucks 3-4 times per day. Usually in the morning, afternoon, evening and late evening. When I need to search, I do it with swagbucks. I also search for sites I visit often, like Gmail, Facebook, etc. Instead of using a bookmark to get there…I just search. I can’t tell you how many times I have won on searching “gmail” alone.

2. Dailies. You can earn 4 swagbucks a day if you do the following: 1. refresh the toolbar 2. take their daily poll 3. skip through all the no-obligation special offers (NOSO) 4. visit the trusted surveys page. I know 4 points doesn’t seem like much, but get those 4 points every day and in one month you have 1/4 of an Amazon gift card!

3. Trusted Surveys. I do actually do these whenever I qualify, which isn’t that often. But, if you do qualify you can get 100-400 points for each survey. I feel these are legit surveys unlike many of their special offers.

4. Special Offers. I DO NOT DO THESE. Sure, I have done them before, like the ones that give you 2-3 swagbucks for watching a video, but those are few and far between, and I feel that the special offers are really just scams.

5. Referrals. You can get up to 1000 points from the searches that each of your direct referrals do. When they win swagbucks from their searches, so do you…up to 1000. This helps, so pimp out your referral link. Oh yeah…here’s mine again: http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/faegirl

6. Shop Online. I don’t do this one a whole lot…yet. If you shop online, check out swagbucks and click through to the online retailer before shopping…you can earn 2 swagbucks for each dollar you spend!

New things to try:

I actually wrote this post months ago, and since that time there are a few new ways to earn swagbucks. Since I haven’t used them all myself, I will let you explore them on your own. New in recent months include printing & using coupons (!!!), watching videos on Swagbucks TV, and playing games.

They also sometimes post swagcodes on their blog or Facebook page, so watch out for those, too. You enter those codes, usually only available for a short time, and get swagbucks in return.

I really do like Swagbucks.

When I have enough for an Amazon gift card (only 450 points!), I buy that item and when the prize is sent to me (there is a confirmation and verification process), I put the code straight into Amazon where the money just piles up until I want to spend it. At one point I had over $125 in my Amazon account, but I have since spent about half on diapers and baby wipes deals.

I’ll plan to post some other Swagbucks tips & tricks later, but feel free to post questions here if you have them!

Also, below is a screen shot of the Amazon gift cards I’ve redeemed since I started using Swagbucks. Not pictured are the latest 3 cards I have ordered. I didn’t picture them, because their codes are visible unless they’re marked as redeemed. Click to see it larger! It’s for real folks. :)

I hope you will take another look at Swagbucks if you tried it and didn’t like it before, and if you’ve never had an account, then go sign up! What are you waiting for?

FREE Amazon gift cards are just the tip of the iceberg, baby!

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