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One of the most valuable things to me when I started learning to use coupons was finding coupon match-up sites that helped me do two things: find sources of coupons and learn to match them with sale ads.

I have 6-8 sites that I subscribe to and get their daily emails. I also have a few others that I subscribe to that post less often. These sites really help make the whole process of couponing easier. I can go to their site, look for my store and see their recommendations for matching my coupons to my store’s sales. It’s great!

Coupon match-up/deal sites do the hard work of matching coupons for you!

I plan to do a series of articles about my favorite deal sites, because these sites have really made my dollars stretch even farther by helping me learn where to use my coupons for the biggest bang for my buck. I really owe them a lot!

Here are some things to think about when you search for a deal site to help you:

  • Do they feature stores that you have in your town or near you? In order to do your best match ups and find coupons that you can use in your area, you need to find a site that features deals for your stores. If they don’t highlight sales at my stores, then I don’t subscribe.
  • If they do coupon match ups for your stores, are they for your region? This can be very important. I love shopping at Kroger, but Kroger runs different sales in different regions. I have my favorite Kroger deal site that I will share later, but I am aware that most of her deals are for a different region, and whatever she posts shows up at my store one week later. I know this, so her info is still useful to me.
  • Do you like the frequency of their emails/article posts? Most of the sites that I personally subscribe to post new information and deals on a daily basis. I like this because I feel like I am always “in the know” because fresh news about coupons and deals comes to my inbox every day. Pick one that releases information at a pace you can keep up with. If you can’t get to the emails because they come too often, perhaps you need a site with less frequent posts.
  • Do you like the volume of their emails/article posts? This goes hand in hand with frequency. Some sites post one or two new items every day, which is pretty manageable to read and digest, but other sites post a very large amount of information every day as well. This can easily become overwhelming, so in addition to knowing how often new information will come to you, try to get a handle on how much information is coming, too. The key is to find an amount that works for you.
  • Do they have a way to access their information that you like? I personally like to subscribe to sites by email. I have an RSS feed reader, but I don’t use it much. I also like to follow sites on Twitter and Facebook, but I still miss some of their information that way, so email subscriptions allow me to hold it in my email inbox until I am ready to read it, and I know I have all the news I need.
  • Do you like their writing style and “voice”? I like to follow up-beat sites and other couponers that are happy to share their information with me. It makes me want to read what they have to say. I also like writers that share a bit of their personal lives, too. You need to like the site and the author, or you won’t use their information.

These are just a few things to consider. Start by doing a Google search for coupon match-up sites or deal sites and you will find a ton. Visit many of them and pick the ones that you think will help you the most. You can always unsubscribe later if it turns out to not have the right match ups or deals for you.

What are some of your favorite sites? Keep an eye out in the next few weeks and I will be sharing some of my favorites!

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