New & Improved Beech-Nut Rewards Program

by on June 2, 2011 in Points & Reward Programs

When my daughter began eating baby food last year, I immediately began looking for ways to save money. I am not loyal to any one brand for things like baby food, diapers and formula so I was excited when I learned that Beech-Nut has a rewards program!

When I first began participating, you could send in 48 UPC codes from any of their products, and get four coupons back for $1 off any 10 jars of baby food, any stage. I have several UPC codes I saved when she was ending her time in the baby food stage. Now that we have a little brother to feed in a few months, I decided to see about using those codes and getting a stock pile of baby food coupons going again.

I was pleasantly surprised that Beech-Nut revamped their Rewards Program, making it even better!

Now you have choices! Check it out:

Next you send those UPC codes along with their order form and you can get:

This rocks! First, if you’re into just buying the jars of baby food, your savings is better than before, getting you FIVE coupons that count toward less jars than before! Second, you have choices on what types of coupons! I am super excited!

You can also sign up for their eNewsletters and when they come each month, they always have one or two printable coupons inside!

Do you participate in the Beech-Nut Reward Program? What do you think of the changes?

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