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by on July 7, 2011 in Contacting Companies

Yesterday I shared about my recent email contact with Enfamil to ask about getting coupons for my new baby’s formula needs. I had written to Enfamil and asked about coupons to help off-set the cost of his A.R. formula.

Since that email a few weeks back, and their nice response, we’ve moved from the A.R. formula to their Gentlease formula, trying to find the right kind for my son’s sensitive tummy.

While cleaning his room, I realized I had a rebate form from the hospital Enfamil welcome bag, but I noticed that it was only valid with purchases of their Premium or Newborn formula, not Gentlease.

Bummer. The rebate was for $15 back.

I decided to call the number on the rebate card and ask if purchases of Gentlease would qualify. It was the first time I have called Enfamil, and they were super helpful!

The lady was very kind, and looked into the rebate for me. Unfortunately she said their rebates are very specific, and that Gentlease would not count toward it, but that she would send me a sample of the formula in the mail to help with my son. I was just fine with that!

She also took some information about the ages of my children to update my account with them. I gladly gave it to them, since it could mean more coupons in the future.

Within just a couple of days, at the end of last week, my sample arrived! It was a nice 8 oz. size can! I posted a picture on The Coupon Snob Tumblr page.

I did keep the rebate form though, because it is good through the end of the year and if we ever get back to regular formula, I still might be able to use it.

I am super impressed with Enfamil’s customer service and willingness to help new moms and their families.

Thanks Enfamil!

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