Lean Cuisine Delicious Rewards Review (Insulated Lunch Bags are back, too!)

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I’ve posted several articles in the past about Lean Cuisine, and because I continue to eat their lunches from time to time and continue to enjoy their points program, I am posting about it again!

This time I’d like to offer my review of the Lean Cuisine Delicious Rewards program.

You can read some of my past posts here (listed oldest to newest):

You can see from the comments on some of those posts that people either love Lean Cuisine and their programs, or they hate them. Some people also think that *I* work for Lean Cuisine and can do something about their dissatisfaction. I can’t help those people, but what I can do is write a new review about the program in its current state.

You can click here to visit the Delicious Rewards website, and click here to see the reward catalog.

How the Delicious Rewards Program Works:

Basically, you find a code inside marked packages of Lean Cuisine frozen entrees and enter them on the website. Pretty simple. Save up your points, and redeem them for things in the catalog. Each code is worth 20 points.

Pros of the Delicious Rewards Program:

When the Delicious Rewards program first launched I was excited that they allowed any old, unused codes from their lunch bag promotion to roll over into the new program. I saved enough codes to get one of their bags, but had 2 extra codes. They transferred to my new account. One old code for lunch bags became 20 points in the new reward system.

The system is easy to use and has some fun features built in, like badges (here’s the first one you earn). I don’t personally care much about the badges, but it is a cute little “extra”. All you have to do to participate is create an account, enter your code, choose the entree it was from, and you’re done.

You can also get some points for taking surveys. Not many, but some. To date I think I’ve gotten 30 free points. 10 for an initial survey and then 10 points each for a June survey and a July survey. That makes me think they might offer one survey a month.

Insulated lunch bags are back! I have to say that the lunch bag I got was VERY nice. Probably one of the nicest rewards I have gotten from a program like this where the reward is their own product. Currently the site says they are back for a “limited time” and they are only 500 points, which isn’t bad. I think that’s about the same as the original lunch bag promotion.

It’s a reward system. Period. I love any program that invites me to enter codes from their packages and get something back. I do it for all sorts of products, and I’ve gotten some nice things over the years. It takes very little time to do, and if I save up enough…I get things for free. I love free!

 Cons of the Delicious Rewards Program:

The biggest issue I have is that the codes inside the boxes can be hard to read. They are printed in a red/orange color and because it is a dot-matrix style print, you can easily confuse letters. The upside is that if you have trouble with the code, you can contact Lean Cuisine and they will give you a new code.

Currently, there are not very many rewards to choose from. I am hoping the list of rewards will grow over time, and I am hoping there will be a wider range of rewards, too. I know Lean Cuisine has an image they try to project, but many of the rewards are a bit too “fancy” for such a points program and seem very impractical to me. Except for the return of the Insulated Lunch Bags, I don’t have anything specific I am saving for.

The point values on the rewards seem high to me (with the exception of the lunch bags). You can spend 10 points and enter some contests to win things (current drawings occur on 7/31/11), but I don’t care to win those things, and I have no idea how many people have entered them. The next lowest point item is a notepad for 250 points. Again, that only leaves me feeling mildly interested. The dish towels for 350 aren’t bad, and if I used fancy olive oil then the flask for 500 might be of interest. After that the reward points increase drastically. So for now…nothing of interest, except maybe another lunch bag to give away.

Overall, I still like the Lean Cuisine Delicious Rewards program and will continue to participate!

Like I said…it’s a points program, so I’m in. A new points program at that. It will grow and develop, and I will keep entering my points and watching for new rewards and new features of the site. My hopes are that they might begin to offer coupons through the program (hint, hint Lean Cuisine!). That will keep me buying Lean Cuisine for sure!

Now, it’s your turn…

I expect folks to have some opinions of their own since I get a lot of traffic to my old posts about the program. I invite you to share your opinion in the comments. Just know that I do not work for Lean Cuisine and you should take your concerns directly to them (last link on the page) for any sort of resolution.

So, what do YOU think of Lean Cuisine Delicious Rewards?

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