A Lesson from Extreme Couponing: Making Jelly out of 100% Fruit Juice Concentrate!

by on July 31, 2011 in Personal Experiences

I don’t like the TLC show Extreme Couponing. I’ve written about why I think it’s unrealistic and gives ethical coupon users a bad name. In fact, I dislike the show so much I can barely stand to watch it, but I do…because I want to be “in the know”.

I did actually learn something from the show though! (other than the fact that many of those people are committing coupon fraud and abusing store coupon policies) :)

A lady in one episode talked about how she used coupons to save on frozen juice concentrate, and then makes jelly from it. A light bulb went on in my head! I had never thought about making jelly from juice concentrate!

One of the ways we have changed our food habits to save money is by reducing the amount of maple syrup we use, and replacing it with jelly or jam. My Hubby actually made the biggest change, because he was using syrup every day in his oatmeal. Now, he uses jelly to sweeten it.

By making my own jelly from juice concentrate, I can save even more!

WHO KNEW!? I guess that lady on Extreme Couponing…

I did some poking around online and found several resources to share in case you want to try it, too. The nice thing about jelly is that you can make it in a water bath canner rather than using a pressure cooker, which I avoid out of fear, ha!

Here are some links:

Different pages have different approaches, but the big things to consider are what kind of pectin to use, and whether or not to use a low sugar, no sugar or sugar adjusted (because juice concentrate usually has some sugar added) recipe.

I am excited to see exactly how many jars of jelly I can make from one can of concentrate.

Have you ever made jelly this way before? I’d love your tips!

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