Product Review: Glowgirl Fibers Coupon Organizer – beauty AND function (plus 10% off with code)

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I stumbled upon Deb Christian’s coupon organizers last year, shortly after I began using coupons on a regular basis. She’s offering a coupon organizer to one lucky reader in my upcoming One Year Celebration, so I thought I would share a little bit more about her products!

I went looking for a new organizer in June 2010 because I was unhappy with the coupon wallet I picked up at the Dollar Tree, and I had already decided a coupon binder wasn’t going to work for me. I was becoming a serious “couponer”, and my little coupon wallet was falling apart, and really didn’t hold all of my coupons. I bought one of Deb’s organizers and immediately fell in love.

Here’s the organizer that I chose:

This pattern was actually not available in the size I wanted, but I saw it on another product, sent her a message, and she made it for me on the spot! She has a ton of cool fabrics to choose from, so look around. If you don’t see one that works for what you want, get in touch with her!

She’s actually expanded her offerings since I bought mine! When I ordered mine, I could chose from a 2 inch deep or 4 inch deep bottom. I chose the 4 inch, which seemed big at the time, but I filled it up with coupons easily.

Now, she has even bigger organizers, including 6 inch deep bottoms and extra long ones, plus some with straps for easy carrying. She also has waterproof organizers!!

The thing I thought was the coolest about her design though, is that you can unfold the flap and use the button and elastic to secure the organizer to your cart! Check it out:

One other thing, and this is huge for me, my organizer is HIGH QUALITY. Seriously. I haul my organizer all over the place, shove it in the bottom of my purse, open and close it almost every day, and it still looks good as new. The button is secure, the elastic has never worn out, and it’s very sturdy.

Deb also includes a big list of pre-printed labels and tabbed dividers for your organizer. It’s important to be well organized so you can find your coupons when you need them, and her dividers fit her organizers just perfectly!

Here’s a comparison of the sizes on the organizers she carries. Trust me…don’t go too small! The bigger ones allow you to carry your coupons plus all those little coupon booklets you get in the mail or at the store. They also allow for more categories so you can easily sort and find your coupons! The smallest one would be perfect for receipts or for cash envelope systems.

I think you will find that her prices are VERY reasonable, especially for the quality of the pieces, the beauty of the fabric, and everything that is included.

And, there’s good news! She’s giving a COUPON to my readers!! If you buy an organizer, you can save 10% off by entering this coupon code: COUPONSNOB.

You can visit her online here:

And, be sure to check back on Monday November 21st for your chance to win a Glowgirl organizer!

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