New Lunch Bag promo from Lean Cuisine Delicious Rewards (plus 2 free codes to start!)

by on January 30, 2012 in Points & Reward Programs

I love Lean Cuisine lunches. I also love their Delicious Rewards program. I wrote a review last year, and saved enough codes in their original lunch bad promo to get a Nicole bag.

Lean Cuisine has a new line of lunch bags for 2012, and a new promo to earn them.

Here’s how it works:

  • Log in to your Lean Cuisine Delicious Rewards account.
  • You have to accept the promotion to earn a lunch bag (it should pop up when you log in).
  • Once you’ve accepted, you can enter the codes inside your boxes. You need 25 codes to get one of the new lunch bags.
  • You must enter the new codes AND REDEEM THEM by March 31, 2012.

Here are a couple of cool things to note:

When you enter the codes, your progress toward the lunch bag is tracked and you also get the points added toward your overall point total!

Also, there are two free starter codes you can enter to jump start your progress!

Enter these codes to start:

FREEBAG12 (choose Catalina/coupon as the product)

LEANLUNCHBAG (choose Facebook as the product)

Good luck! Are you entering codes? Which is your favorite bag?

(just a note…some of my past posts about Lean Cuisine have gotten a lot of comments. I do not work for Lean Cuisine, so I can’t help you if you have issues. Be sure to contact the company directly with any comments or questions!)

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