Terre Haute Couponing for Good Challenge: Send your donations to Ryves Youth Center at Etling Hall

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I know that many of my readers are not from Terre Haute, Indiana, so while I hope everyone reads this article…I am writing this for my fellow Hautians.

I have a challenge!!

The Ryves Youth Center at Etling Hall could use our help, and I would like to ask any of you joining me in Couponing for Good this month to consider taking your donations there. That’s what I am doing, and that’s what I would like for you to do.

Please read the information below about the children served by Ryves Youth Center at Etling Hall and then scroll to the bottom to see what items you can donate, and where to take the items.

Here are a few links you can check out, but I hope you’ll also keep reading and learn more about how you can help.

Here is some background information I have pulled from their site. They have written about their children better than I could have:

A preschooler receives a new blanket from Project Linus. Many of the children that come to the center are homeless or from low-income homes.

Since 1982 Ryves Youth Center at Etling Hall in Terre Haute has been open and offering services to any child who walks through the doors. They serve children ages three to 17 with age-appropriate programming. All activities are free to the children. You can visit this page on their site to see just a few of the activities they have.

Many of the children who attend Ryves can be described as “at-risk” because these children come from single parent homes with the female being the head of the household. These children are between three and seventeen years old and about 40% are minority population. No child is turned down from entering the youth center, no matter what their status may be.

Ryves Youth Center at Etling Hall is a second home to its children. They bring homework to the center, eat many meals and receive love. There are computers and other technological resources available to the kids. And after homework is completed, Ryves offers all types of activities. This programming exposes children to a whole new world and keeps them off the streets and out of trouble.

Most of the children display problems associated with having to grow up too early. They have experienced or witnessed substance abuse, physical and sexual abuse, illiteracy, anger control, sexual activity, teen pregnancy, suicidal thoughts, self mutilation and low self-esteem.

They work with many children who are homeless or castaways. Many of their children feel lost and alone. They describe feeling empty and thinking that no one understands what they are going through. The children receive their only meals either at school or at Ryves Youth Center at Etling Hall. These children often get themselves up and ready for school. Most of their children are below the poverty line and are quite happy to receive new or donated clothing and accessories.

Children often eat dinner at Ryves Youth Center. Many of them only get meals here, or at their schools. Food is also sent home with children on the weekends.

Here are some donation items they could use:

  • Food. Not only do they serve dinner to the children that come to their programs, but they also pack food to send home with children on the weekend. Non-perishable items are always welcome.
  • Personal Hygiene Items. Some of the children served at Ryves Youth Center are homeless, and some just need help with personal hygiene in general. They serve older children as well as younger children, so things like toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap and feminine hygiene items would be helpful.
  • School supplies. Even though the school year is winding down in a few months, the programs at Ryves Youth Center continue in the summer. School supplies are needed for use in their programs, but also for children that need school supplies at their school.
  • Books and Games. Ryves Youth Center has a reading program and a tutoring program, so books are always welcome. Once homework is completed, social activities take place so games are a nice donation item, too.
  • Clothes. Socks and underwear for boys and girls of all ages is welcome, as well as coats, hats, gloves and scarves during the winter time. Clothing of any kind is welcome: new or gently used.
  • ANYTHING. Think about what children need. Look around their website and see the types of programs they offer and then think about what they could use in those programs.

The Reading Champions Program encourages reading! They also offer tutoring programs.

Where to take your donations:

There are two places to take your donations:

  • All other donation items can go straight to Ryves Youth Center at Etling Hall.

Ryves Hall is located on the northwest corner of 14th Street and Locust, very close to the ISU campus. The main entrance is located on the east side of the building and is on the wooden deck.

1356 Locust Street
Terre Haute, IN 47807
(812) 235-1265

I hope you’ve learned a bit more about this very worthy group here in Terre Haute. If you are Couponing for Good with me this month, please consider taking your items to Ryves Youth Center at Etling Hall.

There are other ways to get involved, too:

  1. You can donate financially through the Catholic Charities website. Please mark Ryves Youth Center on the donation form!
  2. Donate your time. The center is always looking for dependable, regular volunteers to help their programs flourish!

For more information on getting involved, please contact Jim Edwards. He is the Director of the center.


1356 Locust Street
Terre Haute, IN 47807
(812) 235-1265


P.S. I’m also going to be announcing a giveaway, too. If you make a donation…you might win a prize! Watch for more details.

#CBias #AllYouCFK – I am thrilled to be able to participate in this campaign, and hope you will join me in my efforts to raise awareness of the Champions for Kids SIMPLE service projects! Eventually I will post about a shopping trip that will be compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All other posts regarding “couponing for good” are NOT compensated unless otherwise noted.

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