Beech-Nut coupon giveaway winners!

by on March 19, 2012 in Giveaways

I had a ton of extra Beech-Nut coupons from the Beech-Nut rewards program and wanted to give them away before they expired, so I held a giveaway over the weekend. Two actually.

I’ve drawn winners and the coupons are about to go out in the mail.

The winners from the giveaway here on the site were:

  • Christina H. from El Cajon, CA
  • Rebecca T. from Linton, IN (yay! a Hoosier!)
  • Kim D. from Sumter, SC

Each lady got at least 8 coupons for Beech-Nut baby food!

The winner from the Facebook giveaway was:

  • Jen T. from Fleetwood, PA

She got 10 coupons for Beech-Nut Stage 4 items!

Thanks to everyone who entered!

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