Learn from my mistake – always read your coupons

by on September 26, 2012 in Coupon Education

It’s easy to get lax with your couponing and make mistakes, especially when you’re busy or distracted. Even coupon “pros” make mistakes sometimes. That’s what happened to me today!

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a pro, but I’ve been cutting and using coupons long enough to generally avoid newbie mistakes. Just two weeks ago I gave a presentation to some ladies on beginning coupon basics, and one of my points in the session was to always read the fine print on your coupons.

The fine print on your coupon will tell you about any exclusions, exceptions or requirements for using the coupon. I did not follow my own advice and now have to do some scrambling.

Two weeks ago I also cashed in big time with a Kraft Catalina and ended up with two $10 coupons to use at Kroger. I took them to the store today to shop for things we need around the house. I wasn’t shopping for anything in particular, just things we use often. I was mostly going to use the coupons before they expired.

At checkout the cashier handed me back the second $10 coupon and said, “Sorry we can only use one of these at a time.” OOPS! I sighed to myself, thought briefly about cancelling the order and splitting up my items into two transactions, and then just said thanks and tucked the coupon back in my wallet.

I have 3 more days to use the coupon, so I can always go back tomorrow, but if I would have just read my coupon before going, I could have avoided having to go back for more items during an already busy week.

Even if you think you know the terms of coupons you are using, do a quick double take just to make sure!

Learn from my mistake so it doesn’t happen to you, too!

What are some of the mistakes you’ve made?

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