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It’s been one year since I released the first of my FREE printable tools to help you learn to spend less and save more.

Today I am excited to present a new one: a Go-To Recipe Chart!

The Coupon Snob's Go-To Recipes

Do you often find yourself or your family members asking, “What’s for dinner?” Is it sometimes easier to pick up carryout on the way home from work, or order in delivery? Having a Go-To Recipe Chart can help answer the “What’s for dinner?” question and make it easier to cook and eat at home.

This printable tool is very easy to use, and FREE for you to download!

Click here to get a FREE copy of my Go-To Recipe Chart.

This one page-document allows you to easily chart your family’s tried and true meals.

There are two ways you can use the Go-To Recipe Chart:

  1. You can brainstorm as a family what you want to add to the list. Ask them about their favorite meals that you cook at home, but also their favorite meals from places you go out to eat. Cooking what you enjoy at restaurants might make the temptation to eat out less. After you have your list, find a recipe to match each item and start listing them!
  2. You can also just start cooking and create the list as you go. Start with the recipes you regularly cook and add those, then add more as you experiment and cook different things. If everyone liked it and you are willing to make it again, then list it.

Either way you choose to do it, the point is to create a chart of recipes that your family likes and you know how to cook, so the process of cooking and eating at home is simplified.

Tips for creating your Go-To Recipe Chart:

  • The Source column will help you find a recipe once you’ve tried it and added it to the list. If you have many cookbooks, note which one it is in and the page number. If you got it from a website, list that. You want to make sure you can find it again when you’re ready to make it.
  • Some nights you have less time to prepare a meal than others, so figuring out the prep time plus the cooking time can help you note how long each meal takes to prepare. Then, at a glance, you can find a meal that fits the time you have for cooking it.
  • Make notes about the recipes. If you substitute ground chicken for ground beef or add extra spices, make a note of it. You can fine tune recipes as you go so they will fit exactly what your family likes.
  • You might want to create a chart for each meal. Print a blank chart for: breakfast, lunch and dinner. You could even create a Snack chart, too. That way, no matter what time of day, you have some ideas on hand to make the process of meal time preparation a tad  bit easier.

Benefits of using a Go-To Recipe Chart:

  • You will always have an answer to the “What’s for Dinner?” question. It makes it easier to come up with something when you have it all listed out. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering all the things we like to make, and having a list helps with that.
  • You will hopefully eat out less, and save more money by cooking at home.  When you make a commitment to cooking and eating at home, you should see a big decrease in the amount you are spending on meals. Cooking at home usually costs a fraction of a meal out at a restaurant.
  • The whole family can participate in the process. By allowing them to help create the list, they’re more likely to want to eat at home when they know their favorite dish is being made.

If you would like more FREE printable tools to help you spend less and save more, you can click here to see them all. I currently have a Meal Plan & Shopping List, Goal Planner, Expense Tracker, Price Book, Recipe eBook and now…a Go-To Recipe Chart!

I hope you find this helpful. Be watching for more new tools soon!


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