New Year’s Resolution: I will start a pantry. (Pin & Win giveaway + FREE Pantry, Freezer & Household Inventories)

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Tonight is New Year’s Eve and I hope my series about New Year’s Resolutions has given you some ideas of things you can try to do for 2013.

Tomorrow is the last day of the series, but tonight I have something really fun to share!

To help you keep track of your new (or growing) pantry/food storage/stockpile, I have created not one, but THREE new printable tools for you!

Today’s Resolution: I will start a pantry.

Do you want to do that? I have several tools to help!

When I first started stockpiling items for my pantry, my husband just couldn’t understand why on earth I was buying 10 jars of spaghetti sauce when a meal only takes one. After I explained how I saved money by using my coupons during the store’s best sale and then stocking up instead of buying them as I needed them, he was much more understanding.

I have what I like to call “stores” in my house. My food store is in one large double cabinet, my personal hygiene store and medicine store are in another partial cabinet, my paper goods store is under my son’s crib, my kitchen store is under the sink and my laundry store is in an area next to my washing machine. Whenever I run out of something, I can say I am “going to my store” and I go get what I need. It’s a really great feeling!

To get started learning about the concept of food storage and stockpiling in general, check out my Store Food tab up top. It has some good basic information. I am currently writing an eBook about basic home food storage, but this page gets you thinking about the process. As I write more articles, they will appear there.

I also have some brand new, FREE printable tools to help you organize your stockpiles!

Here’s some information from my Pantry, Freezer & Household Inventories download page:

I firmly believe that stockpiling/storing food and household supplies is part of being able to maximize your savings.

By buying multiples of an item when they are at their lowest price (which you can determine using my printable Price Book), you have it when you need it. You’re not at the mercy of sales, or coupons. As long as you keep track of what you have and know when you need to restock, stockpiles can be a very helpful thing.

In addition to helping you save money, stockpiles protect your family in case of an emergency or loss of income.

If you’d like to snag a FREE Pantry, Freezer or Household Inventory, click one of the links below these images:

1. Pantry Inventory – 2 versions – with or without categories – comes with instructions.

Free Printable Pantry Inventory Free Printable Pantry Inventory

2. Freezer Inventory – 2 versions – with or without categories – comes with instructions.

FREE Printable Freezer Inventory FREE Printable Freezer Inventory

3. Household Inventory – 2 versions – with or without categories – comes with instructions.

FREE Printable Household Inventory FREE Printable Household Inventory

These printable tools are very easy to use, and FREE for you to download!

Click the links below to download:

Are we ready to win something?

Pin & Win Giveaway:

There are two prizes for this giveaway:

Pin & Win Giveaway

There will be two winners: one for the eBook and one for the gift card. My eBook is a Kindle eBook, but if you don’t have a Kindle you can still read it using one of their free Kindle Reading Apps or their free Cloud Reader (reads in your browser!). Using your email address I will send you a copy of the eBook through Amazon. The gift card will be sent via the U.S. Postal service so the winner (U.S. only!) will need to provide me with their mailing address.

Here’s how to win and claim your prize:

Pinterest TutorialIt is very important that you follow these rules exactly so you are officially entered to win. This is a “Pin & Win” giveaway, so you need a Pinterest account to actually enter. I wrote a pretty detailed Pinterest tutorial for any new Pinterest users, but if you don’t want to make an account, you will still have a chance to win a prize by waiting until January 1st when I will have an open giveaway that does not involve Pinterest at all.

Entering involves two steps:

  1. You must pin today’s resolution to your own board on Pinterest. You can do this one of two ways. You can either visit my pin of today’s resolution and repin that OR click the little “pin it” button right the large graphic below. Note: email & RSS readers of this post will need to click over to the actual post to pin from that button.
  2. You must post the URL to your pin in the comments below. This is how I will be able to contact the winner, and also helps me know for sure that the first step was completed! Be sure to comment twice if you pinned both, so you can get two entries!

Deadline to enter:

Today’s giveaway opens as soon as this post goes live and closes at 10:00pm EST on Tuesday, January 1, 2013. I will email the winner (who completed the two steps above), and they will have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize.

New Year's Resolutions

So, are we ready?

Start by checking out my Food Storage tab up top, and then download my FREE printable Pantry, Freezer & Household Inventories. Start slow, focus on what your family uses and likes, and go from there. Also, watch for my next eBook due out in 2013!

Please join me again tomorrow for another resolution, another resource and yes – another giveaway!!

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