2012 State of the Snob: Forecast for 2013

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Yesterday I conducted my second annual State of the Snob year in review and reflection about how things in 2012 went. The year before I did an entire series, but this year I was more focused on my New Year’s Resolutions series, so this whole process is only getting two days.

Today I want to spend some time and put together a forecast for 2013, including some new goals. I think goal setting is an excellent way to measure your growth and progress, because without first setting goals you can not see how far you’ve come.

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If you’re interested in setting your own goals, you can download my FREE printable Goal Planner and get started!

Personal Goals for 2013:

Read More Books. This is a carry over from last year. As I mentioned in my year in review yesterday, I read more in 2012 than I did in 2011, but still not enough. Maybe I should be more specific and say I want to finish more books. I read bits and pieces of a lot of different books, but reading one from beginning to end doesn’t happen all that often. I want to change that. Plus, I want to read more for pleasure and less for work. By work I mean writing and blogging. I’ve read quite a few books about writing and blogging, but I want to get back to reading fiction again. I also want to read to my children more. They’d like it, and so would I.

Embark on a Pantry Challenge. I planned to do this last year and kept putting it off every month because of some reason or another. My pantry is actually busting at the seams right now, so I want to make this happen. The goal of a pantry challenge is to eat from my pantry and spend as little as possible at the grocery store for one whole month. Not only does this give me a chance to use up some of the things that have been in there a while, but it will save me some money in my grocery budget, too.

Organize my Recipe Box. You should see my recipe box. Wow. It’s really bad. REALLY bad. It outgrew an actual recipe box long ago and is now mess of recipes, printed papers and newspaper clippings all stuffed into a small plastic bin. The lid won’t even fit on! I have to fix this soon, because every time I go to cook a favorite recipe, I have to sort through pages of other recipes to find the one I want.

A place for everything, and everything in its place. Have you ever heard that saying before? Lots of Moms and Grandmas have passed that wisdom on, and I really want 2013 to be the year that I make this happen. We’ve been majorly downsizing our belongings and “junk” for the last few years and are so close to having everything “put away”. I want to finish the job and get it done. No more junk drawers (okay, maybe one) and no more bins stacked in the laundry room or guest room. We’re simplifying life and once everything is in its place, I’ll be a happy Mama!

Website Goals for 2013:

Get organized. This isn’t something that has stopped me from building this website, but it is something that has the potential to prevent me from growing this website. I have tons of ideas, lists of projects and mounds of inspiration, but it all gets lost because I have it in multiple notebooks, multiple to-do lists and sometimes not even written down at all. I want to get it all together, create a system and then use it to get ahead, not just keep up.

Create a blogging schedule (and stick to it). I’ve actually already started on this and am really excited! As I just mentioned, I’ve been a bit unorganized for the past two years as The Coupon Snob. I have more article ideas and resources to share than I can actually get out and onto the screen for you to read. So, I’ve started building my own blogging calendar with daily prompts and monthly prompts. More about this later, but now…all I have to do is stick to it!

Create topical buttons. This is another carry over item from last year’s forecast. My intention last year was to create a set of easily identifiable icons/images that I can use as thumbnails for my posts so that when you scan down the page below my main blog post, you can see what the articles are about. Sort of like a legend. I actually contacted a new designer at the end of 2012, and just emailed her back today. But now the ball is back in my court, so I have more work to do.

Social Media Goals for 2013:

Find a photo sharing option that works for me. Again, this is another carry over from last year’s forecast. As I mentioned in yesterday’s 2012 year in review, I currently use Tumblr, Google+ albums and Facebook page photo albums to share different things with folks. I want something that I can use easily to tell stories. Sort of how I write. I want to share, through pictures, what I am doing so I can help others do it, too. Maybe I’ll find the answer in 2013.

Find my Tribe. Seth Godin wrote a whole book about this concept, and recently I’ve been reading Jeff Goins‘ take on the concept. Basically I want to make some real connections with people who enjoy my writing and want to hear what I have to say.  I want to encourage. I want to educate. I want to inspire. I mostly do that through this website, but social media is a HUGE part of that. Facebook is my main social media outlet, but I do also use Twitter, Goolge+, Tumblr and Pinterest regularly. I’ve lost a few hundred fans on Facebook since this summer, but I’m very okay with that because most of them joined only to enter a massive giveaway I was a part of. Sure, I gained 1500 or so fans from that giveaway, but at what cost? I want people to connect with me and my advice, not just with some prize.  I cherish emails and comments from people who tell me that I am helping them. I want to get this figured out on the social media side of things, too.

Resource Goals for 2013:

Finish any unfinished series. This is another carry over from last year’s forecast. I currently have two unfinished series. One about how to use my site, and one about various coupon sites online. I am hopeful that my new blogging calendar will take care of this, because they really do need to be wrapped up.

Release more printable tools. This is sort of a carry over from last year’s forecast, but not really. In the eleventh hour of 2012 I released a FREE printable Go-To Recipe Chart as well as FREE printable Pantry, Freezer & Household Inventories. I’ve already started on my next printable tool, so I think I will be able to do well with this one in 2013!

Finish my eBook on Food Storage. For some odd reason I really thought I could accomplish this whole goal in one month last year. In November I announced this new project, about basic home food storage, thinking I could knock it out in 30 days. How wrong I was! After outline and researching and writing and planning, it became clear that 30 days was way under budget as far as time on task. So, 2013 will the be year! I hope!

Finish my workbook on basic coupon education. Unlike my eBook on Food Storage, this one isn’t really even started. I planned. I schemed. I dreamed. When it came right down to it though, this was only a few slides and some handouts from speaking engagements with notes all over them. I think my idea of a do-it-yourself style workbook would help a lot of people, so I am setting it as a goal.

General Forecast for 2013:

Last year I picked three words that I thought would define 2012, so I want to do that again! I think 2013 will be defined as a year of: organization, growth and consistency.

Until 6 months ago I had always been employed full-time, outside of my home. July 1, 2012, was the day I became a full-time parent and part-time entrepreneur. I pretty much limped along with this website and my business for 2012, but I see 2013 as a time of great potential.

I want to finally get my home in order, and my business, too. I love caring for my family, and I love writing, so there is no reason why a little hard work and organizational know-how can’t make both of those things be successful. I’ve worked hard to get to this point, so a little more hard work should make both of these parts of my life blossom.

Consistency is going to be key for me. Getting my home organized, and my writing schedule organized, will hopefully do wonders for me and put me in a much better place at the end of 2013.

I hope you’ll be around to read my year in review next year, and see what my new goals are!

What are YOUR goals for 2013?


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