FREE Printable 4×6 Recipe Cards – single cards or folded cards for longer recipes

by on January 6, 2013 in Meal Planning & Recipes

Cooking at home (and saving money doing it) only happens when you have recipes for things you want to cook, know how to cook and your family likes.

Having tried and trued recipes makes cooking at home much easier. You can use my FREE printable Go-To Recipe Chart to keep track of your family favorites, but how do you keep the actual recipes organized?

I have some new FREE printable resources for you that are perfect for helping you keep your favorite recipes organized: Recipes Cards!

Free Printable 4x6 Recipe Card

I have two different 4×6 Recipe Cards that you can print and use to begin cataloging all the recipes you love or want to try.

These printable recipe cards are super easy to use and FREE to download and print!

Click here to print a 4×6 single recipe card.

Click here to print a 4×6 folded recipe card for longer recipes.

The single recipe cards are perfect for jotting down quick recipes without a lot of ingredients or lengthy cooking instructions. There are two card to each page, so you can print them on card stock or heavy paper, cut them out and get started organizing your favorite recipes.

folded 4x6 recipe card

The folded recipe cards are designed for longer recipes, but still maintain the 4×6 size so you can use them in your recipe box! Using a sturdy paper, you can print them and fold them according to the directions printed on the recipe sheet and you’re all set for keeping track of your more involved recipes!

If you don’t have a recipe box, now might be the time to make one. Part of being successful at cooking at home is being able to find recipes you like, and then keep track of them.

I have a bad habit of scribbling down recipes I create, printing random ones off the Internet, or cutting them out of the paper…and then never doing anything with them. I plan on using my own printable recipe cards to help me get organized, too!

If you use a 3×5 recipe card box and wish to see smaller versions of these, post a comment and let me know.

I also plan to release another version of these recipe cards that you can type on and then print, so keep watching for those.

Want more FREE printables? Check them all out here.

Happy cooking!


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