HOW TO: use the ibotta app in the store to check if your product qualifies for CASH BACK

by on January 15, 2013 in Coupon Education

ibotta app

Have you jumped on the ibotta bandwagon yet?

If not, I urge you to. Really. It’s a super simple app for Apple and Android devices, and it pays you CASH BACK for shopping.

I’ve written a couple of articles about it already, but by using this app in addition to your paper coupons and an electronic coupon site like SavingStar, you are basically saving THREE TIMES AS MUCH!

Here’s a recap of what I’ve already posted:

  • ibotta overview – note that the $5 bonus period has ended, but you can still earn $1 for each friend you refer. Would you consider joining with my link?
  • ibotta actions – these are the things the app has you do to increase the value of the cash back you earn on the items you buy.

Today I’m sharing about how to check a product when you are in the store and make sure it qualifies for the ibotta cash back.

I’ve posted 4 screen shots from my iPhone that provide a detailed look at each screen over on The Coupon Snob Tumblr page. You can see them below, but click here or click the image below to scroll the screens at a larger size.

checking a product with ibotta

You should try to have all the actions for your products completed before you go shopping, but the app is so simple that you could stand in the aisle and complete the actions in the store if you wanted to.

If you’re ever unsure about whether the product you’re looking at qualifies for the ibotta cash back, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your shopping list for the store you’re in. Most items are available for all the stores that work with the app, but to be sure pull up the shopping list for the store you’re at.
  2. Tap the item you’re looking at to pull up the Product Detail screen. Much like a paper coupon, this should tell you the specific size and type of product you need to buy. If the information on that screen does not give you enough information to know for sure that you’ve got the right item, click the small bar code icon in the upper right portion of the screen. This opens the UPC scanner.
  3. Scan the UPC code of the product.
  4. The app will tell you if it matches or not! Simple, right?!

If your product matches, then grab it and head for the check out lane!  Be sure to keep your receipt! That is essential to redeeming ibotta offers!

I’ll be sharing information on completing an ibotta offer soon, so watch for that!

In the meantime, you should sign up for ibotta and start learning more about earning CASH BACK when you shop!

ibotta is a coupon app for Apple and Android devices that lets you accumulate savings in an account that can be cashed out a variety of ways. Click here to read more about ibotta in my in-depth article. It’s part of my series about understanding online coupon sites!


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