“You buy your milk at CVS?” Why yes, I do.

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I have two young children at home, so milk is something that I always have on my shopping list, and I am always looking for the best price on.

milk from CVS

One of my secrets for saving money on milk purchases is that I shop around. Sometimes the places I “shop around” at might seen unconventional. For some of you that’s not big news, but for others this may be a new thing you can do to save a few more dollars.

CVS Pharmacy is my favorite place to snag sale-priced milk!

When I tell friends that I stopped to pick up milk at CVS, they almost always ask, “You buy your milk at CVS?” It’s an honest question, because the grocery items at CVS are usually priced like any gas station or quick stop shop. They’re priced for convenience, and not for saving.

I don’t ALWAYS buy my milk at CVS, but I do probably half of the time. Kroger and ALDI are also places I pick up milk, but the Extra Care program at CVS makes it cheaper some weeks to grab my gallons there.

The initial price for the milk is usually higher than the price of milk at my usual grocery shopping spot, but they often have an Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) deal where you can get $1.00 back in ECBs on a gallon. They normally limit you to two gallons, which is perfect because I usually buy one whole milk and one 2% milk.

To make a good deal even sweeter, I sometimes use ECBs that I already have to buy the milk, making my out of pocket cost even lower!

This week milk at CVS was $2.99 per gallon with $1.00 given back to you as Extra Care Bucks. The limit was two gallons.  That’s like getting a gallon for $1.99, and around here…that’s good! I used some ECBs I had from last week’s trip to get diapers, and ended up paying 98 cents for both gallons. On top of that I came home with $2.00 in ECBs. I love when that happens!

The key to the whole Extra Care program is that you need to shop for enough items at CVS that you will go back and redeem the ECBs that you earn. Other wise, that’s just wasted money!

I regularly watch for diaper deals at CVS, and sometimes paper product deals on toilet paper and paper towels. If my Extra Care Bucks are nearing their expiration date and I don’t see a sale to use them with, I can always go in and spend them on vitamins or allergy medicine for my kids.

So, the lesson here is that you need to check out all the places that sell the things you buy regularly – even if you wouldn’t normally think to shop there for the item. You might be surprised at what you can save!

Where’s your secret shopping place for great sale-priced deals?


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