ALDI is now carrying organic items! This is a great chance to provide some company feedback.

by on January 24, 2013 in Store Deals & News

I heard a week or two ago that ALDI is going to be trying out a line of organic items in some of their test markets. Our ALDI is one of those, and I found them in the store tonight when I stopped in to pick up a few things.

This really excites me, because we are trying to start eating healthier. If they continue to carry these organic products, it will be more cost effective to include better food choices into our meal planning.

Before we had kids (and became serious penny pinchers), we used to eat almost all organic foods. Now though, we pass on the organics and just do the best we can with the other products available.

ALDI gives me hope to add more organic items back in!

They had yogurt, cheese, frozen fruits, juices and more. Here are a few pictures:

ALDI organic foods

ALDI organic foods

ALDI organic foods

The prices really weren’t bad, either. I thought the frozen fruit was a bit high, but the 100% whole grain wheat cereal pictured above was only $1.99! That’s less than some regular, sugary cereals at other stores!

So, check our your ALDI the next time you are in there, and be sure to let them know you’d like to see more organic items (if you do). I plan to post on their facebook page. Maybe you could, too!

This is the perfect time to try out providing some company feedback.

How exciting!


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