January Coupon Cheer Winner gets $680+ in cut manufacturer coupons

by on January 29, 2013 in Giveaways

I am such a bad estimator! For a while I thought I was getting better at guessing how many manufacturer coupons I’m giving away in my Coupon Cheer Giveaways, but apparently I’m getting worse. But hey…that’s good news for this month’s winner!

congrats from The Coupon Snob!

This month’s Coupon Cheer giveaway was only open for one day, and I said it would be for at least $200 in coupons, but it ended up being over $680 in cut manufacturer coupons PLUS 19 Buy Something, Get Something Free coupons!

It was a FAT envelope!


Rebecca T. from Linton, IN!

I sent that out in the mail this morning, so you should get it soon!

Happy shopping!

Watch for another Coupon Cheer Giveaway next month!


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