The Sallie Mae saga ends – they owed ME money!

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Would you believe that one of the top 5 most visited articles on my whole site is about Sallie Mae student loan forgiveness?


Student loans have made it possible, and continue to make it possible, for many Americans to attend college. Those same loans have also put many Americans into some serious debt.

I had student loans for both my undergraduate school work and my graduate school work. Many people my age that went to college still have loans to repay, and some of those younger than me often feel like the end is no where in sight.

In 2011 I wrote two articles about Sallie Mae and loan forgiveness. Here’s the first one, and here’s the follow up.

2011 was the year that we adopted our second child and began an intensive financial journey toward freedom that ended with me quitting my job in mid-2012 so I could stay home with my children. We were doing everything we could to minimize our spending, and reduce our debt.

I’ve shared previous contact I have had with companies when I have asked for coupons. Although loan forgiveness from one of the country’s top loan providers isn’t quite the same as asking for coupons, I shared that experience, too. My point was to show that I was doing all that I could to provide financial peace for our family. That included asking for loan forgiveness.

Of course Sallie Mae said no, but I sort of knew they would.

My point was that I had to ask. If I didn’t ask…I wouldn’t know what was possible.

Some of the people that commented on that first article about loan forgiveness and the follow up about Sallie Mae’s response missed the point of it. I wasn’t trying to get out of my loans.

I was doing what I had come to realize is something many people forget to do when times are tough: I was asking for help.

My ability to ask for help through our two adoption processes, and during our debt-elimination phase was key to getting where we are.

I am proud to say that a little over a year after I first wrote that article in 2011, I was able to pay off Sallie Mae in full.

And look…

Sallie Mae ended up owing me money!!!

Sallie Mae refund

I share this to provide a conclusion for those first two articles, but I also share this because I want to encourage those of you out there that feel like there isn’t hope for your situation.

There is always hope!

It might take a lot of hard work on your part. It might mean you need to ask for help. It might mean that life as you know it has to change. Let me tell you, though — it’s worth it!

In the end, all of the hard work that you are investing in your current financial situation and your financial future is worth it.

I made it.

You can, too!


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