Gain access to exclusive coupons when you work on your fitness goals with the Walk with Walgreens program

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I know a lot of folks list losing weight, getting fit, or being more active among their New Year Resolutions. I’m one of those people.

Walk with Walgreens!

A while ago I signed up for an online program from Walgreens called Walk with Walgreens. It’s actually pretty cool and easy to use. You can read a post I wrote about the program last year when it first launched. I thought sharing an update might be a good idea.

The concept for Walk with Walgreens is to promote a healthier lifestyle by encouraging people to walk. Pretty simple, eh? You create an account and then log your walks as an individual or as a team. As you earn points, you earn rewards. You get 10 points for every mile you log.

Walk with Walgreens

Guess what one of the Walk with Walgreens rewards is? COUPONS!

Yup, if you log your points you can unlock printable coupons! Check out all the Walk with Walgreens rewards!

When you’ve logged enough points to unlock a particular coupon, you will get a notification and have access to print the coupon you’ve earned.

When you create an account you also get periodic emails with tips and encouragement, and often more exclusive coupons. The coupons are available for a limited time, and change, so check their website often. Here is an example of some of their exclusive coupons:

Walk with Walgreens coupons

You can earn more points if you link your Balance Rewards card, too! You can earn up  to 1000 Balance Rewards points per month by logging your walks!

Have you used the Walk with Walgreens program?

What do you think about it and its rewards? I’d love to kow!


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