Maximize your savings with store specialty programs – perfect for small towns with limited stores

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About two years ago a reader wrote and asked me how to save money when you live in a small town. I wrote an article about saving money with limited stores and opportunities, and gave some suggestions. I have been visiting family back in my home state of Kansas for the past week or so, and am feeling that reader’s pain when it comes to the limited shopping venues!

small town

My family lives in a very rural area, and each small town near here usually has one grocery store to choose from – no Walmart, no Kroger, not even an IGA in most places.

I packed much of the food I knew the kids would need for this trip, so I have not had to shop much. When I have shopped, I’ve kept my eyes open so I could see what living in a small town with only one grocery store would be like.

My perspective on small town shopping is a bit skewed because I have only visited these stores once, maybe twice, in the span of a week and a half. That’s not long enough to learn any of the store’s price cycles or to see their sales and promotions in action. Many of the items had price tags that made me gasp, but I also found a great many items at very reasonable prices. With diligence a resident of a small town with limited shopping opportunities can still save money. I’m convinced!

After getting home one day I noticed a punch card for Ray’s Apple Market on my Mom’s counter. That grocery store is one of the ones that we shopped at when I first arrived, and it is located in Saint Marys, Kansas. I already knew they accept coupons because I have them listed on my big list of stores with coupon policies. I also knew they ran weekly sales and promotions, because my Mom had their weekly flier.

Here’s the punch card my Mom has and is working on:

Rays Apple Market Milk Punch Card

This is a perfect example of a store’s specialty program that can save you money when your other money-saving opportunities are limited!

Be sure to ask your store’s manager about what programs like this might exist, and if they don’t already exist you might want to suggest it!

What are other ways that small town shoppers save? I’d love to hear!


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