Operation Keep Hubby Alive: Success!

by on March 7, 2013 in Food Storage,Meal Planning & Recipes

About 3 weeks ago I posted about a project I was working on: keeping hubby fed while I traveled out of state!

I spent the three weeks prior to my departure cooking meals for my family that would also freeze well so that I could create a simple menu plan for Hubby while I was gone.

Operation KeepHubby Alive

I created a little chart and wrote some easy directions for the best way to thaw and reheat things, and it really worked well! Everything was packaged, numbered and ready to thaw, reheat and eat.

I’ve been back for several days now, so I thought I would share a bit about how it all went.

Hubby was so happy to be eating good meals while I was gone that he took pictures of his meals and sent them to my phone every couple of days.

Here’s the original meal schedule I set up for him:

  • Feb. 18-19 – Spaghetti Sauce & frozen garlic bread – he will cook fresh noodles
  • Feb. 20-21 – BBQ pulled pork sandwiches – he will cook veggies or some kind of side dish
  • Feb. 22-23 – Rooten Tooten Baked Beans and corn muffins I froze
  • Feb. 24-25 – Crockpot Hawaiian BBQ chicken and rice (rice freezes well!)
  • Feb. 26-27 – Lasagna & frozen garlic bread

It was only 10 days of meals because he had other dinner arrangements for the rest of the time I was gone.

Check out what a good job he did of “cooking” for himself:

Operation Keep Hubby Alive: success!

These aren’t pictured in the order that the menu was planned, and if you notice…he did fire up the grill and cook steaks once while I was gone. He had joked that as long as he had meat in the freezer and charcoal for his grill, he’d be just fine. He also did a great job of finishing up all the veggies from our daughter’s birthday party that occurred the day before I left.

If I do this again, I need to remember to try and vary the meals so that everything isn’t made with a tomato based sauce or a bbq sauce, which is also often tomato based. I am surprised Hubby didn’t get heart burn!

I also need to experiment with pre-cooking and freezing “parts” of a meal and then letting him assemble and actually finish cooking the whole thing. For instance, I could cook some ground beef and onions to freeze and then let him roll his own enchiladas or make sloppy joes…or any other casserole that uses ground beef. This would take more time and effort on his part, so we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I do think he liked the simplicity of what we did this time though.

Overall, I am pleased with how it went, and I even ended up with an entire extra lasagna for the deep freeze on the day that I made the lasagnas. I’m adding that to my menu plan for next week! EASY!

Have you done something like this before? Or do you regularly practice “freezer cooking”?

I’d love to hear about it!


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