New coupons from Common Kindness – a new, different, kinder coupon site!

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There’s a new coupon site that I’ve been watching for a while, and I think it’s time for me to start sharing their coupons with you!
common kindness coupons
This site is totally different than the big printable sites you’re probably familiar with. I plan to write a more detailed article about them soon, but here’s the basic info about Common Kindness.

Common Kindness offers printable coupons for smaller name brands, healthy and organic brands, and all sorts of other brands I have never seen coupons for before. But the premise behind their unique coupons is what’s really interesting: it’s all about kindness.

When you create an account for yourself on Common Kindness, you designate your favorite non-profit agency. Then, start printing coupons! When you redeem the coupons, you save at the register and Common Kindness gives a donation to the organization you listed. You save, and they gain! You can read more on their About page.

Here are the most recent coupons they shared with me (I also love the information they provide about these products and brands since many of them are new to me):

Coupons for Organic & Healthy Treats for Kids:

CK kids

Save $.75 on any Frooseproduct 

High in nutrition instead of empty calories, Froose offers the perfect treats for growing minds and bodies. Froose sneaks whole-grain, gluten-free brown rice into beverage boxes and snack formats that children already enjoy, making Froose a convenient way to ensure kids get the important fiber, complex carbohydrates, niacin, calcium and other minerals and nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

Save $1 on any 2 Brothers-All-Naturalfruit crisps 5-packs

Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps—the happiest snacks on earth—are far more than a fun and convenient snack that is perfect for lunch boxes, snack bags and road trips. Each snack bag contains two servings of 100% nutritious fruit with no added sugars, preservatives, or flavor enhancers.

Save $1 on any 2 MomMade Munchies 

Mom Made Chicken, Turkey Sausage, Apple Pie, Organic Cheese Pizza, and Organic Bean Burrito Munchies are packed with healthy fruit, vegetables, and grains. Full of flavor instead of junk, Mom Made Munchies are available in two-packs and can be found in the freezer aisle.

Save $1 on any pint of Three Twins Ice Cream

Three Twins Ice Cream is made from fresh, organic ingredients—starting as a simple base of milk, cream, sugar and eggs, sweetened with evaporated cane juice, and stirred with other delicious ingredients for a tasty finish. Three Twins Ice Cream does not include the artificial colorings, flavors and stabilizers common in conventional and some organic brands.

Buy Mighty Oats, get$1.00 off any Little Duck Organics product

Little Duck Organics creates delicious organic baby snacks that your child will love. Our new Tiny Fruits line of snacks comes in convenient 1 ounce pouches that are packed with 100% real fruit and are full of the vitamins and minerals your child needs for healthy development. Strawberry / Mango Tiny Fruits contain vitamin A for growth and development, antioxidants to help the immune system, and fiber to aid in digestion. They are the perfect wholesome snack for your infant or toddler!

Here are other new coupons from Common Kindness:

CK new

So, check them out and watch for more new coupons from Common Kindness!

Let me know what you think!


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