Triple Threat Couponing: Paper coupons – the first line of defense

by on May 1, 2013 in Coupon Education

Last week I introduced you to my recent method of saving as much as I can when I shop: Triple Threat Couponing.

Triple Threat Couponing

Triple Threat Couponing is using the available coupon types together in a specific way to save up to 3 times as much!

The three types of coupons that I use and will share more about in this and coming articles are:

  • paper coupons
  • electronic coupons
  • mobile coupons

There’s a very specific way that you can use these coupon types together to help you save up to 3 times as much when you shop!

Let’s look at a Triple Threat Couponer’s first line of defense: paper coupons!

With all of the cool new ways to save money, it’s easy to overlook the old stand-by: paper coupons.

newspaper inserts

Electronic coupons, mobile coupons, coupon codes and other money-saving tricks make it easy to overlook what is readily available – for anyone, all the time. Even if you don’t have a computer or a printer, you can still pick up the Sunday paper and get coupon inserts. If you do have a computer and printer, then you can expand your access to paper coupons by using the various printable coupon sites.

The bottom line is this: paper coupons are the original way to save, and are accepted more easily by more stores. The coupon new-comers like electronic and mobile coupons are still new enough that they aren’t accepted in as many places, or have requirements that limit them to certain stores.

If your store accepts coupons at all, paper ones are going to be on that list.

Here’s why I turn to paper coupons FIRST when I am preparing my shopping strategy:

  1. As I just mentioned, paper coupons are accepted at more places. I tend to do most of my shopping at my local Kroger store. I do visit Walmart, CVS and ALDI as well as random visits to Dollar Tree and Dollar General when a particular item is needed. All of those places, except ALDI, accept paper coupons.
  2. My favorite store, Kroger, doubles paper coupons that have a value of 50 cents or less. No electronic or mobile coupon has the ability to double, but my “low-value” paper coupons can really be worth something at Kroger!
  3. Paper coupons are usually worth more. I’ve found that the paper coupons I get from the newspaper or online have a higher value than electronic or mobile coupons for the exact same item. My paper coupon might be for 50 cents off, but the electronic version (for the same exact item) might only be for 40 cents off. With or without doubling, I would rather save another dime. Because, as a friend so simply puts it, pennies turn into dollars!
  4. Sometimes, paper coupons are just easier to use. You can hold a paper coupon in your hand, watch the cashier scan it, and address any issues with it if the register doesn’t accept it. With electronic and mobile coupons you can’t check on whether they worked or not until the transaction is over and the store already has your money. Even though printable coupons have been getting negative attention at some stores recently, they are easier to deal with than electronic coupons. If any electronic coupon doesn’t work, there’s nothing the store can do. You have to deal with the electronic coupon site. Paper coupons are more easily negotiated, in my opinion.

Please don’t misunderstand what I am saying. Electronic and mobile coupons are not bad, and paper coupons aren’t the only way to shop and save. I simply turn to my paper stash of coupons FIRST when I am planning my shopping trip and matching coupons to my sales. I also use electronic and mobile coupons, but all within my Triple Threat Couponing strategy. I’ll be sharing about those in coming articles, so keep an eye out for that.

Okay, so where do you find paper coupons? Let me tell you!

Here are places you can look to find paper coupons:

Clip coupons!

First, you should know that there are two kinds of paper coupons:

  • Pre-printed coupons
  • Printable coupons

You can find pre-printed coupons in: newspaper inserts, in magazines, in mailers and fliers, on product packaging, from in-store tear pads & blinkie machines, and on your cash register receipts.

Here are some places you can get printable coupons:

You might want to check out my series about Tips for Printing at Home if you are new to printing coupons.

Next I’ll be sharing about electronic coupons and how they fit into my Triple Threat Couponing approach! After that, mobile coupons! You might want to subscribe to my emails so you don’t miss a thing!

To help get you ready for what I am going to be sharing, I encourage you to do the following things:

I’m excited to continue sharing my concept of Triple Threat Couponing with you!

Please let me know what questions you have as we explore this together!


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