This is why I activate ALL of my SavingStar eCoupons

by on June 9, 2013 in Coupon Education

One part of my Triple Threat Couponing strategy is using SavingStar electronic coupons. I love SavingStar, and in my next part of the Triple Threat Couponing series (it’s coming, I promise!) I will be telling you why. For now though, I’ll share why I always activate ALL of the electronic coupons SavingStar has.

I activate ALL SavingStar electronic coupons, so I can earn CASH BACK without even trying!


Really, it’s that simple. Oh, and also because I usually forget what coupons they have available, ha!

By activating every coupon SavingStar has, I don’t even have to think about whether or not I am buying an item that qualifies. If I do, I get cash back. Easy peasy. If I don’t, I’ve lost nothing but the few seconds it took to click the links.

Even if I don’t buy (or rarely buy) the products, I still activate the coupon. Unlike printing coupons, which uses ink and paper, it’s free to activate SavingStar electronic coupons. Simply click the activate button when new coupons are released, and you’re covered!

A perfect example occurred last week: I worked a CVS deal involving Bounty paper towels, and a few days later got an email informing me that I was making progress on a SavingStar One or Many eCoupon!

savingstar progress

I didn’t even remember activating that coupon! Perfect!

It’s like I’m earning money without even knowing it!

The best part is that CVS will be doing another deal before the expiration date of the One or Many coupon for this, so I should be able to complete it and snag another $5 for my account.

It really takes very little effort, and it’s cash back that can be used for anything.

When you use systems like this, and accumulate money that you can cash out and use for anything, it makes you feel good. Your small effort a few times a month literally becomes cash in your pocket. Every little bit helps, right?

I’ll be sharing more about SavingStar soon, but until then you can click here to read my SavingStar overview article and get signed up for an account. I find savingStar to be the best electronic coupon site out there!

Happy activating!

SavingStar is an online electronic coupon site that lets you accumulate savings in an account that can be cashed out a variety of ways. Click here to read more about SavingStar in my in-depth article. It’s part of my series about understanding online coupon sites!


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