Company Feedback: Huggies to the rescue!

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You all know that I’m a big fan of points programs, reward cards and any type of loyalty program that rewards me for something I am already doing – buying items for my family.


My daughter is now potty trained, but my son is still in diapers. From the beginning of my diapering days I have collected points from both the Huggies rewards program and the Pampers rewards program. Each package of diapers contains a code and I can enter the code on the company’s website and earn points. When I amass enough points, I can redeem them for a prize!

Last month I saved enough Huggies points to get a great item for my son:

Huggies reward

I usually save the old diaper packs and labels until the bundle gets big enough, and then sit down and enter them all at once. I was on my very last jumbo diaper bag…and there was no code inside. NO CODE! That last code would’ve given me 11 points, and I only need 10 more. THE LAST TEN POINTS! Oh No!

I couldn’t believe it.

So, what would you do?

I decided to use the online contact option on the Huggies Rewards site and let them know what had happened. I sent a brief message about what I was doing on the site, and what happened. This is what I submitted:

Subject: No reward code inside

Hello,  I entered several codes today so I could redeem my points for a reward, but the last bag had no code inside of it. It is Huggie’s Snug and Dry and bears the markings on the outside that indicate a code is inside, but there is no sticker with the code, nor any printing inside. Please advise what I should do. This last code is all I needed to redeem for the item I was waiting for! Thanks!

I instantly got an acknowledgment email in my inbox from Kimberly-Clark (Huggies’ parent company). I figured it would take a few days to hear back from them.

I was wrong!

They wrote back within a few hours (I had sent my message on a weekday morning), and the result was that I was able to redeem my points for my desired prize!

They said:

Dear Charity,

Thanks for contacting us about HUGGIES® Rewards. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience you experienced.  Based on the information that you supplied in your message, we are adding 11 points to your Rewards account. You can verify the points entry by signing in at and clicking on My Activities.  The points will appear under Points Earned for Activities as Consumer Support. We value you as our customer and appreciate your interest in our products. Thanks again for participating in HUGGIES Rewards.

Consumer Specialist

I was really happy I took a few minutes to fill out their form and inquire about the missing code. By taking those few extra moments to communicate with a brand I support, I was able to order the present for my son.

This whole feedback process reminded me of a few valuable lessons that might help you, too:

  1. Never hesitate to ask for help. I could have been mad that the last package didn’t have a code and just complained about it. Instead, I asked the company to help me. I didn’t expect an instant response – that was a bonus.
  2. Don’t get crappy with your communication. This was a small deal. I wasn’t really mad, but more…inconvenienced. I kept my communication with the company very brief, and included very little emotion in the message. Being mean or rude won’t get you anywhere. It’s best to just describe what happened.
  3. Be specific when you contact the company. You might be tempted to rant and rave about whatever went wrong, but usually they need facts. What exactly happened? What was the specific product you were using? Is there any packaging information you can provide? The more information you can give them, the better!

I’ve got other examples of contact I’ve had with companies if you’re interested, and if you want some pointers on how to ask companies for coupons, I’ve got that, too!

When was the last time you contacted a company? What was the response? I’d love to hear!


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