ibotta mobile coupon app moves beyond grocery stores

by on October 17, 2013 in Coupon Education

ibotta mobile coupon app

I love ibotta! It’s part of my Triple Threat Couponing strategy, and it just keeps getting better and better.

ibotta is now starting to offer mobile coupons for places that aren’t just grocery stores!

Here’s the first restaurant to accept ibotta:

smashburger now accepts ibotta

We don’t have a Smashburger, but maybe you do! Click here to see their locations.

This is exciting, because it seems like the ibotta development team is working really hard to make this an outstanding app, and one that won’t just disappear.

I’ve mentioned that they are beginning to work with stores to ditch the receipt part of the redemption process and work directly with loyalty cards. They’re still adding more of those retailers, so YAY for ibotta!

I’ll keep you posted as new things develop for this great app!

ibotta is a coupon app for Apple and Android devices that lets you accumulate savings in an account that can be cashed out a variety of ways. Click here to read more about ibotta in my in-depth article. It’s part of my series about understanding online coupon sites!


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