Save on HEALTHY foods with SavingStar’s Healthy Offer of the Week – get a new coupon every Tuesday

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It can be tough finding coupons for things you really need help saving on – milk, meat, bread, produce. I could go on, but you get the picture. Coupons abound for pre-packaged and processed foods, but there are starting to be more coupons for healthy food, and I love it!


SavingStar is now offering a new Healthy Offer of the Week, and it’s just what it appears to be – a coupon for items you rarely see coupons for…healthy foods! The last few weeks have been produce coupons, and I couldn’t be happier!

If you’re new to SavingStar, it works with your favorite store loyalty cards. When you add these electronic coupons to your loyalty card, you don’t save the money at check-out, but it accumulates in an account you can “cash out” instead. You can cash out after only $5.00 in your account!

On Tuesdays you should log in to your SavingStar account and look for the Healthy Offer of the Week coupon and load it right away. These coupons are only valid for a few days, and will expire the following week when the new coupon is offered.

You’ll notice that the Healthy Offer of the Week coupons are generally for a percentage back rather than a specific dollar amount. You should also note that the coupons are often very specific, so read the fine print. In the past, some have been for loose apples as opposed to bagged apples, or for specific varieties of a type of produce. When required, the coupon will give you a PLU label number that you can use to ensure you are getting the right produce. All the info you need will be on the coupon, so read it!

They’ve had healthy offers for bananas, broccoli, apples, oranges, green peppers, pears and more. I don’t care what it is though, coupons for healthy foods are rare and I am happy to have them!

When you create a SavingStar account you will get emails each week reminding you to log in and activate your Healthy Offer of the Week coupon!

Here’s what the emails look like:

SavingStar Healthy Offer of the Week

When you log in, this is what you should look for:

SavingStar Healthy Offer of the Week

You can click here to see all their electronic coupons, including the ones that work only at specific stores, and activate your Healthy Offer of the Week coupon, too!

Personally, I like to activate ALL of their coupons, so I don’t have to worry about whether I have them or not! And, as a bonus, they don’t interfere with your paper coupons!

Enjoy your Healthy coupons while they last each week!


SavingStar is an online electronic coupon site that lets you accumulate savings in an account that can be cashed out a variety of ways. Click here to read more about SavingStar in my in-depth article. It’s part of my series about understanding online coupon sites!

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