$1 off VO5 coupon at CommonKindness – perfect Couponing for Good opportunity!

by on March 4, 2014 in Coupon Alerts

It’s been a little while since I have posted any of the coupons over at CommonKindness. It’s also been a bit since I’ve mentioned Couponing for Good. I thought today would be a good day to remedy that!


First, here’s the coupon I want to share with you (click to go to their site and print):

VO5 coupon

VO5 is a decent shampoo and is often found for $1 or less. I’ve personally seen it as low as 69 cents at CVS before!  You can snag some pretty cheap items to use…or even better…to give away!!

The Coupon Snob - Couponing For Good

Couponing for Good is something that I’ve written about many times before. You can click here to read all of my articles, but the basic concept is that by using your knowledge of saving money with coupons and sales, you can give more and do more while spending less. That’s win-win for all involved! You might want to read these articles to learn more on this concept:

This VO5 coupon from CommonKindness not only will save you money when you buy the shampoo or conditioner, but whether you donate the items or not, a non-profit of your choice can also benefit! That’s because CommonKindness isn’t your  average printable coupon site!

Yes, CommonKindness is a coupon site… but it’s more than that!  In fact, this site is totally different than the big printable sites you’re probably familiar with. I plan to write a more detailed article someday, but here’s the basic info about Common Kindness:

Common Kindness offers printable coupons for smaller name brands, healthy and organic brands, and all sorts of other brands I have never seen coupons for before. But the premise behind their unique coupons is what’s really interesting: it’s all about kindness.

When you create an account for yourself on Common Kindness, you designate your favorite non-profit agency. Then, start printing coupons! When you redeem the coupons, you save at the register and Common Kindness gives a donation to the organization you listed. You save, and they gain! You can read more on their About page.

So, now you’re armed with more information about CommonKindness and a coupon to help you start Couponing for Good. What do you plan to do next?


CommonKindness is a printable coupon site for brands you rarely see elsewhere! They focus on helping you save money, while also helping non-profit organizations. Watch for an article soon detailing how their site works in my series about sources of online coupons!

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