Avoid mistakes: always double check product size & requirements for coupon redemption

by on June 20, 2014 in Coupon Education,Personal Experiences

You know what I really hate? Shopping for products that I think I will get free because of a coupon or promotion and then realizing I won’t be able to complete the offer because I didn’t read the fine print about product size, type or some other requirement.

Mistakes happen. Even to Coupon Snobs.

The best way to avoid these mistakes is to be sure to check ALL of the details for the coupon, rebate or offer you are trying to take advantage of.

Just today I tried to pick up my FREE Comet cleanser from SavingStar, and I noticed something…

6-20-14 comet offer

To get the price of the Comet cleanser back in my SavingStar account the product size needed to be 14 oz. I found the green cans of Comet, excitedly grabbed mine, and then realized I was holding a promotional can of Comet that included “20% more free”. So, it wasn’t actually a 14 oz. can, right? Right. It was bigger. And wouldn’t qualify for the offer. DANG!

Thankfully I had not yet purchased the Comet, but I wasn’t so lucky one time before…

mistakes - ibotta boo boo

If I recall that mistake correctly, there had been some sort of coupon stacking I was doing at CVS many, many months ago and I was excited to get some free shampoo for my husband. I saw the CLEAR Men Scalp Therapy on the shelf, and grabbed the 12.9 oz size, but then I made my big mistake. I saw a bigger “20% more free” bottle and thought, “heck! I am already getting this shampoo for free with these coupons and deals, I might as well get the bigger size for free!”

I made a critical mistake. Getting the bigger size meant that bottle would not qualify for the ibotta offer, and then I actually didn’t get the item for free after all.

It happens. All the time. Just know that mistakes in couponing are normal, and not the end of the world. Everyone does it. Even me. :)

What has been your biggest couponing mistake?


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