Tips for Saving up to $1.00 off a gallon of gas at Kroger

by on June 26, 2014 in Points & Reward Programs

I’m a big Kroger fan. Even when Kroger Central quit doubling coupons at my store, I still stuck with them. They’ve made up for that loss in savings by offering other great ways to save and fun promotions like Free Friday Downloads.

Last year I told you about the double gas points you could earn by shopping at Kroger stores on the weekends, and I wanted to remind everyone that this promotion is happening again this summer, through the end of July. I love it, and just redeemed my first ever $1.00/gallon of gas discount! And yes, I maxed it out to 35 gallons, baby!

Kroger points at pump

The Kroger Fuel Points program is super easy to do. You just have to have a Kroger Plus card and pay attention to your receipts to know when you’ve earned enough points to start getting gas discounts.

The Kroger Fuel Points program breaks down pretty easy:

  1. You earn points when you shop at participating Kroger family stores and use your Kroger Plus card. A dollar equals one point when buying groceries and you can earn more buying promotional items.
  2. 100 points equals 10 cents off a gallon off gas.
  3. You can save up to $1.00 a gallon on gas at Kroger stores, up to 35 gallons, if purchased in a single transaction.
  4. You can save 10 cents a gallon at Shell stations.

Here are a few ways to maximize how much you can save at the pump:

Shop on weekends

It can’t get any easier than this. Shop on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and earn double points through the end of July.

weekends at Kroger

Complete Surveys

On many of your Kroger receipts you will see a small survey that you can take. TAKE THE SURVEY! It only takes a few minutes and you can earn 50 fuel points for each one. Your only limit is that you have to have a valid survey code and you can only do one survey every seven days. It can take a few days for the points to show up. Do one a week for an extra 20 cents off a month!

Kroger gas survey

Watch for promotions liking buying Gift Cards, filling Prescriptions and buying Wireless Airtime

Those are just a few of their promotions where you can earn extra points. Some promos with the gift cards can snag you up to 4 times the gas points! Depending on whether you fill prescriptions there or not, these promotions can really add to your monthly gas points.

Need a little more inspiration? If seeing my $1.00 off a gallon at the top of the page wasn’t enough, you can take a peek at my points total from my receipt. That was a first for me! 1000 points in one month (shop on the weekends through July, people!).

1000 Kroger points

How do you save on gas? I’d like to hear!


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