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You’re Curious, eh?

My name is Charity, and I am a total coupon snob. I admit it.

I don’t want to pay full price, and there’s no reason anyone should. I sometimes find it hard to believe how I shopped before I discovered coupons. And, “household management”? Who was I kidding!?

Now though, my friends and family can expect me to whip out my trusty coupon organizer at a moments notice if a purchase is to be made! I might be extreme with trying to pinch my pennies, but I save money every week when I shop, and that’s hard to argue with!

My love affair with clipping coupons started after the adoption of our daughter in February of 2010, and quickly became a way of life. I honestly don’t know why I waited until I was 36 to start saving so much money!

Why “Coupon Snob™”?

Being in the position of needing to cut coupons forced me to better organize how I managed our household, our finances and even our food. Now, I find I want to use coupons. I might still need to use them to close the gap in our monthly budget, but my attitude about the whole process of saving money has changed.

I must use coupons, and I think everyone else should, too!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’m not really a snob. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have this site. :)

Personal Info: I am a 30-something Mom of 2 beautiful, adopted children. They are both under the age of 2, and a real joy to spend time with. I currently work part-time for a private, engineering college. I worked full-time before the adoption of my daughter, and restructured my job to spend more time at home. My goal is to quit working outside of the home by June 2012. Using coupons has helped me make all of that possible, and that’s how this site started! I started The Coupon Snob, Inc. in 2011 to house all of my efforts with this website, and my future plans. (This picture is me with my daughter, right about the time I started this site! Might be time for a new one!)

Online Presence: I get over 4100 visitors to my site each month, with over 6700 page views. I also have an email subscription list of over 300 daily readers. For only being around one year, people are taking notice! I share my advice and education here, as well as on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr.

Upcoming Projects: I recently published a compiled Recipe eBook on Amazon, and will be releasing that through my site on November 1st. I also have an original eBook (about saving money!) that I am currently writing and plan to release for sale near the time of my site’s one year anniversary. Beyond that, I am looking to continue sharing advice in some of my series, and hope to connect with more brands to help people save at home. I do not focus on daily deals, but instead focus on helping my readers find and use coupons, as well as learn more about managing their homes and saving money in general. I’d like to attend a blogging conference someday, so we’ll see how that goes!


I belong to various consumer groups, forums and blogging communities where I get access to product information and am often invited to give my opinion. Here are a few of my memberships:

  • Vocalpoint
  • FRESCHETTA Fresh Connection Blogging Community
  • General Mills Pssst Community
  • One2One Network
  • Collective Bias – Social Fabric
  • Hasbro Moms
  • Pampers Kandoo Blogger Community & Parents Panel
  • CVS Advisory Panel
  • Smiley360
  • MyBlogSpark
  • BzzAgent

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