Credits & Thank Yous

Big ole, dang ole thanks to Dawn M. for inspiring me to start this site. I only meant to put a few resources together and oops…here we are. You’re awesome, and I am so glad at least one other person understands my need to SAVE!!!

Thanks to Mr. Fast for helping me decide which direction to go…again. and again. and again. oh wait. That’s Lady Gaga. Go to sleep!

Random Graphics from Other graphics have been sourced from Google Image Search. I always link when giving credit is possible. Many pictures are my own.

Running Thesis on WordPress with a custom skin. Using plug-ins and widgets, just ask if you need to know which ones.

This site is a source of real joy for me. Even if I am my only reader, I feel good coming to this place to write and share. Thanks to Doug Cloud for the visual elements you see including my logo and custom graphics. Thanks also to Matt Dunn for his coding expertise to fit it all together. You’ve both given me a beautiful foundation here. I’m hoping this is the start of something big. And heck, if not…I still love loading the page to take a peek! 😉