Five Year Recipe Book: Free Downloads Available

The Five Year Recipe Book might have a weird sounding name, but the tasty recipes inside make up for that! Originally submitted in 2006, these recipes have finally been compiled to form this recipe book!

Containing 27 original recipes and a few photos of family pets, you will find delicious inspiration in the categories of soup, salads and side dishes as well as main dishes and desserts.

You have several ways to enjoy this recipe book!

Paid Kindle Version – you may wonder why you would want to pay $.99 for a book that you can download for free. I originally offered the book through Amazon as an early bird version for folks that couldn’t wait for all the recipes to be released. I continue to offer it as a way for readers to support my efforts to educate folks about how to save money by cooking at home, planning their meals, and using coupons.

Free Kindle Version (.mobi) – you can save this .mobi file to your computer and then send it to your Kindle’s email address, giving you the ability to read this on your Kindle. In fact, even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read this file using one of the free Kindle apps from Amazon. These free apps let you read Kindle books on your phone, PC, Mac, and many other devices!

Free iPad & Nook Version (.epub) – if you have an iPad or a Nook, you can download this .epub version. This recipe book is not available through iTunes or Barnes & Noble, so this page is the only way to get a free copy for iPad or Nook devices. On your iPad, open the file with iBooks, and enjoy! For the Nook, save your file into your Nook’s My Documents area to view. The .epub format also works for the Sony Reader and many other devices!

Free PDF Version (full-color) – this PDF is a full-color version of the book, free for you to download and enjoy. You are welcome to share this book with others, but please ask them to come and download their own copy. You can share this link with them:

Free PDF Version (B&W for printing) – this PDF is a black and white version of the book, free for you to download and enjoy. You might find it easier to print in black and white, so this version is already converted for you. Again, feel free to share this book, but please send folks here to download their own copy:

About the Author:

Charity Mouck is a writer, blogger and avid coupon user. She dispenses advice and education about household management and saving money with coupons on her website: Branded as The Coupon Snob, she encourages others to save money, cook at home, plan meals and learn to become better stewards of their resources. Her second book, filled with practical ways to save money, will be released on Amazon in late 2011. Charity resides in Terre Haute, IN with her husband, two kids, and faithful feline companion, Zeke, who makes an appearance in the Five Year Recipe Book.

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