FREE Resources for your journey to spend less & save more: Printable Tools, Recipe eBook, Coupon Links

I am pleased to be able to offer the following FREE resources to help you on your journey to spend less and save more. I’ve created a number of printable tools that you can download and use, I released a free Recipe eBook, and I’ve collected several free coupon links for you to use.

I hope you enjoy these FREE resources. Keep checking back for more!

Printable Tools:

This one-page document combines a weekly menu planner with two side-by-side shopping lists.

On the download page you can read about 2 different ways that I recommend you can use this tool, plus learn more about the benefits of planning your meals and then preparing your shopping list based on those meals.

Planning meals might seem difficult at first, especially if you’ve never done it, but I give some suggestions on the download page that can help you get your family on board, and make this a successful part of your plan to spend less and save more.

This document provides an easy way for you to track the fluctuations of an item’s price over time, at various stores.

A Price Book is an on-going document that you use to help you determine an item’s sale cycle. A sale cycle is the fluctuation of an item’s price over a period of time, often 8 or 12 weeks.

If you can figure out what the lowest price is for the items you buy the most often, you can begin maximizing your savings by only buying them when their price hits its lowest point.

This document helps you look at a long term goal, and identify some short term goals and specific actionable items to help you achieve that goal.

I encourage you to dream big and set whatever goals are necessary for you to get where you want to go. By dreaming big, you might surprise yourself with what you are able to accomplish.

It’s one thing to have a dream. It’s another thing to have a plan for accomplishing that dream. Setting goals should be a part of that plan!

This is a set of two documents that are an essential first step for anyone that wants to learn more about where their money is going each month. It’s one of the initial steps in most budgeting processes. You can download the actual Expense Tracker sheet, and also an Instruction Sheet.

My suggestion is for you to use the tool to track each and every expense you make for an entire pay period. The goal is to match up your spending with your income, and identify necessary and unnecessary spending.

After you have gotten a handle on where your money is going, you can begin making a plan for cutting back in needed areas, and diverting your money where it should be going to make the most impact.

This document allows you to easily chart your family’s tried and true meals.

If you struggle to answer the “What’s for dinner?” question, or need to break the cycle of always getting carryout or delivery, this resource can help!

On the download page you can see some tips for being successful at building your Go-To Recipe Chart, and also learn some of the benefits of undertaking this process. Not only will you always have ideas for meal time, but you will save money, too!

You can use this chart for any meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snack time! The point is to always have a list of recipes you can go to. Start brainstorming!

These Recipe Cards can not only help you preserve your favorite recipes, but can also help you get your Recipe Box organized, too!

I have two versions of these 4×6 Recipe Cards. One version is a single card, with two per page, that is perfect for jotting down quick recipes without a lot of ingredients or lengthy cooking instructions. The other version is a folded card, perfect for longer recipes. Whichever card you choose, they both end up being a perfect 4×6 to fit your recipe box!

Free Printable Pantry, Freezer & Household Inventories

These documents can help you organize, track and manage the storage of your food and household items.

By buying multiples of an item when they are at their lowest price, you have it when you need it. You’re not at the mercy of sales, or coupons. As long as you keep track of what you have and know when you need to restock, stockpiles can be a very helpful thing.

On the download page you can find all three inventories. Each one comes in two versions. One version of each inventory has my suggested categories and the other version has no categories. You can also find some tips for good stockpiling.



If you’re looking for a few new recipes to try out when you’re working on your weekly Meal Plan, check out my FREE eBook! It’s a compilation of tasty reader-submitted recipes.

Containing 27 original recipes and a few photos of family pets, you will find delicious inspiration in the categories of soup, salads and side dishes as well as main dishes and desserts.

You can download a free copy of this Recipe Book in a variety of formats. I offer a PDF version, and also versions for all the major eReader devices, including Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony Reader and practically every other electronic book reading device out there!

Free Coupons:

I keep a page with links to the major coupon printing sites, and the major electronic coupon sites as well. All of these sites are free to use and are trustworthy sources of coupons.

Always check your store’s coupon policy to make sure they accept printable internet coupons. These sites offer a major source of savings, and are worth visiting several times a month.

I have written an on-going series of articles about various places you can find free internet coupons. You can read them here: Understanding Sources of Online Coupons: a closer look at printable & electronic coupon sites