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This page has links to my recommended articles to read, as well as links to many sites and blogs that I have used on my journey to learn about saving money through better household management. I will do my best to keep it organized. Enjoy!

Recommended Articles from The Coupon Snob:

Series: Understanding Sources of Online Coupons: a closer look at printable & electronic coupon sites

Series: Navigating and using The Coupon Snob website: a road map to help you save!

Article: Coupon Policy List – by store

Article: Saving Money with Limited Stores and Opportunities

Article: Finding a Good Coupon Match-Up/Deal Site

Article: Understanding Coupon Lingo: a functional glossary

Article: TLC’s Extreme Couponing: Why I’m NOT a Fan

Article: DOs for Ethical Coupon Use and DON’Ts for Ethical Coupon Use

Article: Swagbucks Advice & Info: Earn Amazon Gift Cards & More!

Article: Find Exclusive Coupons in Company Email Newsletters

Article: How to Ask Companies For Coupons

Article: The Coupon Snob’s GO-TO Ingredient List for Pantry & Household

Article: Cooking From Your Pantry Saves Money & Time

Article: When Do You Quit Shopping?

Article: Rebates: A Great Way to Try Items for FREE or Discounted

Review: Need to Get Organized? MyCouponKeeper Review

Q&A: Does the Coupon Snob ALWAYS Use Coupons?

Other Resources:

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Coupon Match Up/Deal Sites
Cooking/Meal Planning
Food Storage
Expired Coupons
Other Articles

Coupon Match-Up/Deal Sites

I Heart Kroger (and their Catalina Deals section)

Cooking/Meal Planning Sites:

Heavenly Homemakers (also Weekly Meal Plans & Recipes)

5 Day Menu Planning Worksheet

Budget-Friendly Meals from Hoosier Homemade

Recipes & Tips for Healthy, Thrifty Meals

Menu Plan with Shopping List

Printable Forms from Organized Home

Food Storage:

Still Tasty – Ultimate Shelf Life Guide

Expired Coupons:

Article with additional links: Resources for Sharing your Expired Coupons with Military Families Overseas


Vocalpoint (Company Feedback from Moms)


board: Saving Money and Finding Bargains (Vocalpoint)

board: Storage and Usage Tips When Buying in Bulk (Vocalpoint)