Save money by packing a lunch – coupon links, too!

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One of the ways that we save money is by packing lunches for my husband when he goes to work. He tends to be a sandwich guy, but leftovers from dinner the night before are also a good option for lunches. We used to put everything in plastic baggies, but we eventually invested in plastic […]

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Cooking From Your Pantry Saves Money & Time

Food Storage

Part of my success with using coupons comes from the fact that I also plan my meals each week and maintain a well-stocked pantry. I use my coupons when stores have sales to maximize my savings, which allows me to buy extra of some items to stockpile in my pantry. The catch to all this […]

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Still need a Turkey for Thanksgiving? Butterball has rebates & coupons!

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A couple of years ago I wrote about how I have used the Butterball Open-Pan Roasting Method for my turkeys since I cooked my first turkey in graduate school. That was a big 26 pound-er! Now I tend to keep my birds in the 12 – 14 pound range. I find it feeds our small […]

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Enjoy my Extras

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I always get excited when the new Kraft Food & Family magazine arrives. It comes several times a year, and the holiday edition is always one of my favorites. I got an issue this week and saw a number of new recipes I wanted to try! Earlier this evening I made tuna patties, but I […]

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The beauty of leftovers…

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Thanksgiving is the only time of year that I generally make turkey and cranberries, which means that the week after Thanksgiving is normally the only time that we can have one of my favorite leftovers: turkey and cranberry sandwiches! We just had lunch and if you’ve never tried putting some turkey on a leftover dinner […]

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First Bento of 2008!

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At the beginning of December I finally decided to get into making Bento lunches as a way to help me lose the last bit of weight that I want to lose. I had been visiting a lot of good Bento sites for about a year prior to that and finally decided to give it a […]

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My first Bento

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I decided to try making my first Bento lunch today!! I bought a container at Wal-mart and although it isn’t really a Bento box, I think it works for now. It is a plastic, divided tupperware type container. I don’t have any clue how big it is, but I think it will be plenty of […]

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Got Bento?

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I don’t. Yet. I have had a growing interest in Bento over the the last year that has finally prompted me to set about purchasing some supplies to try my hand at packing Bento boxes for my lunch. I think that in addition to adding a little “cute factor”, it would also help me with […]

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Getting a little tired of Turkey…

Meal Planning & Recipes

We had Thanksgiving at my house this year. My husband and I played host to my Mom and Step-dad and the neighbor lady next door. I cooked a bunch of my traditional thanksgiving foods, but almost a week later, I am growing tired of leftovers! For the first few nights we joked that we had […]

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