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Fiesta Salsa for National Can-It-Forward Day

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I only learned to can two years ago, but I’m hooked. I learned so that I would have a way to preserve the bounty of produce I got each week from my CSA. I only water bath can at this point, but that’s enough for me. Today is National Can-It-Forward Day and to celebrate I […]

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Healthy Hoosiers CSA: a cost effective way to enjoy local, organic produce! (Terre Haute, IN)

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One of the things that I have a hard time saving money on is fresh produce. There aren’t many coupons for fresh fruits & veggies, and if you’re into organics…then you really have to figure out how to save! Fortunately I live in a part of the country that comes with it’s own solution! As […]

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Autumn has some of the best food!

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Hubby and I are members of a CSA here in town. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and is basically a community’s way of supporting a local farmer. It allows the farmer to have a guaranteed buyer for his crops, and the members of the group receive fresh produce for the determined growing season. Our […]

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Too lazy for stuffed cabbage rolls?

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One of the things that I learned this summer was how to get creative cooking with all of the veggies that I got from my CSA vegetable club each week. Using up and cooking with fresh, local produce for 25 weeks out of the year can be a challenge, but is worth it! Cabbage was […]

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No more summer veggies

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This summer we joined the Healthy Hoosiers CSA. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is what I often simply refer to as “my vegetable club”. Every Friday since May we have received a box of vegetables, fruits and herbs from a local Amish farm. All of the food is organically grown and natural, and […]

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The upside to Fall

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Yesterday I wrote about the downside to Fall: all the leaves that fall from the majestic trees in our neighborhood and bury our yard. But today, I am pleased to announce I have found the upside to Fall! And, I found it inside my very own crock pot. Yes, you read correctly: in my crock […]

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We got a cow, Pa!

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A few months back I wrote a post about how we tried some grass-fed beef from a farm near here and loved it. Since then we have chosen to only eat grass-fed beef from local farms except when we travel and are eating with family, or we go out to eat and choose an item […]

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Tonight we experienced a new food that we will be having again FOR SURE! Bison Bratwurst on the grill! Yep, buffalo! We were at Baesler’s Market this weekend doing some grocery shopping, and were in the frozen food aisle looking for an item that seems to have disappeared from every grocery store in our area, […]

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Black Raspberry Crisp Bliss

Meal Planning & Recipes

Today I made a masterpiece! Hubby went down the Heritage Trail that runs near here and picked a berry basket full of fresh black raspberries. I did some quick Googling on what I could make out of them and settled on a crisp recipe. I combined elements from several recipes and made my own. Here […]

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Kohlrabi – what a surprise!

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This summer Hubby and I joined a CSA. It has been great fun to go pick up our box of fresh produce each week and open it to see what we will be having. So far this summer we have had the usual items that are ready this time of year: lettuces, radishes, onions and […]

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Grass-fed beef for me, please!

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I had a meal last night that has forever changed the way I feel about the U.S. beef supply and what meat I am willing to put into my body. I had certified grass-fed beef in hamburger form and it was the most amazing experience I have had with food in a long time. It […]

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Healthy eating…

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At work I belong to a Fitness Challenge. Each year we track our activity points and then get prizes every so often. We also have “wellness” speakers on a variety of topics. Today’s speaker was about eating healthier. I signed up purely for the social aspect of it, because I assumed the topic would be […]

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